Monday, September 30, 2013

FILM -- Curse of Chucky

We should all know the 80s series Child’s Play. If you don’t, you disgust me. Back in ’88, the first Child’s Play introduced the world to Andy Barclay, a young, innocent boy who was terrorized by a doll named Chucky.
This occurred in the first three Child’s Play movies. Unfortunately, like many franchises, a period of time welcomes ridiculously lame turns to the storylines. This brings us to Bride of Chucky. Now, we all remember what happened with the Nightmare on Elmstreet series, as well as the Friday the 13th series…Freddy vs Jason…need I say more? Well, the Child’s Play series was becoming more of a joke, especially with Seed of Chucky.

When I first heard about this newest remake of Child’s Play, I really wasn’t excited. In fact, I was more aggravated than anything. I already felt that the series was beaten to a tasteless pulp. However! *dun, dun, dun* I was wrong! In this film, a young woman named Nica is bound to a wheelchair. She is forced to move on in life after the sudden, mysterious death of her Mother. Her sister, her sister’s husband, young daughter and babysitter come together for this horrible time of need. During the gathering, Nica begins to suspect there is something odd with the doll that her young niece is drawn to. Pretty much, Chucky is back. And along with him is this serious horror movie. This film does not make fun of Chucky or the series itself. The true horror element actually returns! And although there aren’t too many witty lines that Chucky says, he does curse like a sailor, which makes me giggle.

What surprises me about this film is the back story of Charles Lee Ray. As viewers, we’re able to see life before he was a doll, and what led him to the position he is in now. I feel like this one fits in with the series well. I remember when pictures of this Chucky leaked on the internet. I thought he looked completely different, but I promise there is a purpose! Unfortunately, it is a purpose you will have to watch on your own!

I feel like Curse of Chucky is what I wanted a Child’s Play sequel to be. I’m a bit disappointed it was sent directly to video instead of theaters, especially if a total snooze like World War Z made it! I don’t care what big actors/actresses were in it, it was a disappointment and a snooze-fest! But whatever!

Anyhow, I’m not saying Curse of Chucky is a perfect movie, but if you want to be entertained and you’re a fan of Chucky, you may actually love this sequel! Hopefully, this film will set an example to all the lazy people in Hollywood: stop with the remakes, I think we all agree that a continuation of a series is better than a remake any day, especially a continuation treated with respect, nothing sloppy just to receive a couple of bucks! Mr. Don Mancini did an awesome job, kudos!

Overall, I do recommend this movie! Also, make sure you stick around for after the credits. 
There is something a little extra that was pretty freaking awesome. 
Made me feel like I had seen a unicorn!

4 out of 5 queen skulls


  1. I actually really loved Bride of Chucky, it's actually my second favorite Chucky movie because I love the comedy in it, I thought it was a bold and successful move. But that might be because I love the character of Tiffany. So I think Bride of Chucky always gets a bad rap.

    But I was relieved to watch this movie I'll have to say. I'm so glad that he is back to his old ways and the feeling of the old Child's Plays movies are back.

    1. But I do agree that Seed was a little far fetched. I like corny, but come on...