Monday, September 23, 2013

FILM -- Venom

This film was directed by Jim Gillespie who returns to the horror genre after I Know What You Did Last Summer with this awesome voodoo theme horror Venom
I came across a lot of people who never heard of this movie, which is no big surprise since Dimension Films only released the film in 489 theaters. They didn't start promoting it until the last week of its release. Which is VERY unfortunate! It seems like this flick was specifically made horror fans.

The story takes place in a small town in Louisiana where a tow truck driver falls of a bridge with a car that had a box full of snakes. The snakes are part of a ritual that involved evil people that get their souls sucked out by snakes. This leads to the drive getting bit numerous times and receiving all the evil souls. Because of all the bite, of course he didn't survive! But after he's declared dead, his corpse returns to kill pretty much anyone who stands in his way. And now, it's up to teens to stop this dead man filled with his body possessed by evil souls!

I thought the film had a great theme to it. It uses the same theme of teens fighting for their lives but it also has a hardcore twist. In this one, we're not dealing with the same killer who slowly stalks and kills off people one by one. This killer didn't have a butcher knife or let alone a weapon to kill people...minus the crowbar he used a couple of times. This film had a lot of great things going for it, the  gore, the deaths, the characters and the cool killer! It had that old school slasher feel too which is never a bad thing! I doubt we'll see a sequel...which is too bad!

Overall, I loved this movie when I first saw and still love it now. It's a horror film for everyone! It's that typical format but it has a lot of awesome things added in and cool death scenes! 

I always recommend this movie when people want to check out a voodoo themed horror but now in generally I recommend it to all!


  1. I remember liking this one. It did have an "old school" late 80's vibe.

  2. I think dimension cut back on the promotion and release of this movie because hurricane katrina had happened a bit before it's release and the movie takes place around that area. I was one of the very few who saw this in theaters and I appreciated the Post-Scream 90s slasher mixed with the 80s slasher vibes it had. I think this could have made an interesting horror franchise.