Sunday, October 14, 2012

REVIEW -- AiZ: Alice in Zombieland

'Tis the HORRIFIC season! !

Hey PEOPLE, ghouls...etc! A while back (HERE), I told you all about an eBook called AiZ: Alice in Zombieland! Well! Here's my review on it!

Josh Cook's Alice in Zombieland is pure awesomeness! Pretty much the story line and it follows various characters, one being Alice, a girl with the potential to survive Rolan Global's second birth serum (SBS). This serum has the potential to control life, allowing people to neither live nor die, sticking them in a zombielike state but with a mental and physical awareness much like a living human. Richard Roslun seeks to make a fortune from the serum's successs, but not without a fight from Alice's sister, Gee, and friend Sam, who storm from Blake Island to retrieve Alice.

MY LIKES! Because of the title, I initially thought Alice in Zombieland was a comedy horror. I connected Alice in Wonderland to Zombieland. But the story like was actually serious, with lighthearted comedy spread throughout. However! My presumption did not keep me from enjoying the story. Even if you make the same mistakes I did, you won't be disappointed.

All of the characters are believeable. I can't figure out which one I like. Gee is very serious and witty, while Sam is hilarious and quirky! Josh did a great job of combining Alice's innocence and aggressiveness. Those two characteristics are usually hard to do for characters but Josh did a phenomenal job with that one!

The dialogue is awesome and easy to read. It sounds like you are right there listening to the conversations! Also, the setting is explained in an amazing way that comes to light in the reader's mind.

MY DISLIKES! The cover was cool, but in my opinion, I'm not sure if it fits the story. And since it is the first thing I saw, I didn't expect the high level of writing that followed. ALSO! I kept wondering if the story should have been written in past tense than present, it can be wordy in the present tense. This may be my personal preference, but you guys can read it and tell me what you think!

I would totally recommend this eBook to people! Usually, you have to direct entertainment to certain crowds, but Alice in Zombieland is different. Though it contains strong, scifi and horror elements, this story is enjoyable for everyone Pick it up and you'll definitely see what I'm talking about!

AiZ: Alice in Zombieland is now available on Amazon/Kindle and Smashwords! You can check out my interview with Josh Cook HERE! He's extremely laid back and talented. I fell in love with his AiZ: Alice in Zombieland!

I give AiZ: Alice in Zombieland 4 out of 5 queen skulls!

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