Friday, October 5, 2012

GIVEAWAY -- Dollhouse Red/Black Heels

You could win these Dollhouse red/black open toe heels! They're a size 9!

All you have to do to have these shoes in your life is just a leave a comment below (saying Enter Dollhouse contest!)  and it'll count as 1 entry, leave a comment on the YouTube video below and it'll count as 1 entry AND/OR LIKE and comment on Real Queen of Horror's Facebook page and it'll count as 4 entries!

- Leaving a comment on YouTube counts as 1 entry!
- Leaving a comment on counts as 1 entry!
- Like Real Queen of Horror's FaceBook counts as 4 entries!

Feel free to enter the contest as many times as you please!

The deadline is October 13th, 2012 at 11:00PM eastern time!
Unfortunately, it's not international! Just the US only! :(

Good Luck!


  1. Those shoes are really cool, but unfortunately I'm not a size 9. :( If you ever do a contest for a pair in a size 7, I'm so there! I passed your contest along on Twitter, so maybe someone out in the Twitterverse is the right size. I like that severed foot you had modeling the shoe. :)

    P.S. ~ If you end up having some time/music on hand, I'd love to exchange Halloween CDs with you!

    1. Aww, too bad! I'm not a size 9 but I had to get a bigger size because I would keep them if they were my size. :( Thank you for noticing my severed foot. I love it too. :} It makes me smiiiile.

      Yes, I would want to do a Halloween CD! I'm going to email you! :x

  2. these are great, too bad not my size !Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  3. Cute shoes!!! Boo on not being a size 9. Oh well. Even if I was I still couldn't wear them. I can't wear heels because I have a damaged neroma and screws in my feet. :/

  4. Is the severed foot included? lol jk. Love the shoes!
    I have freakishly small feet though (a size 3 in kids), so they won't fit me either. :(
    I'll pass on the link to this giveaway though!

  5. Fab giveaway!
    Wish I were a size 9!


    P.S. Liked you on FB :)