Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TOP 10 MOST Disturbing Kissing Scenes!

I missed National Kiss Day. It was July 6th, but have no worries! I thought it would be extra incredible if I came up with a TOP 10 MOST Disturbing Kissing Scenes in HORROR...of course! Horror movies CAN make great date movies. With this list that I put together, your boo will definitely want to be all over you like melted cheese on a burger.

To kiss someone represents affection, possibly love. But most importantly, it's the perfect opportunity to rip someone's lips/ face off with a single movement. Let's not forget that tongues look like pale pink spitty organ monsters.

On with the list!

10. Dead Alive
In this awesome gore-fest, a zombie priest makes out with a zombie nurse. He literally rips her lips off and eats them. He does some other explicit things, but I'll save that so this post can remain spoiler free!

9. Candyman
Imagine kissing a man with not only bees in his mouth, but inside his body....swarming throughout his rib cage and what not. Yup. This whole time he was hiding the bees behind a trench coat. Never date a man that wears trench coats. He's obviously hiding something deadly!

8. The Hills Have Eyes II
The picture says it all! Poor girl!

7. Drag Me to Hell
Some girl on girl action! But, one of the girls is a bit more mature than the other and happens to be a gypsy witch. Not only is she trying to put a deadly curse on the younger girl, but she is also trying to suck the girls face off. She is toothless but she still tries. Gross.

6. Sleepy Hollow
Christopher Walken and his piranha teeth ripping some ladies lips off..

5. Cabin in the Woods
When Truth or Dare goes bad.

4. Hellbound: Hellraiser II
If you can kiss a man and make his skin grow back, he's definitely a keeper!

3. Night of the Demons
Like I always say, whenever you kiss someone, the person always has the option of ripping your beware!

2. A Nightmare on Elmstreet
Freddy always found many ways to torture Nancy. This is no exception. Who's your boyfriend, Nancy?

1. The Shining
And the number ONE classic of course goes to The Shining. I'll paint a picture for those unfortunate souls who have never seen the movie: A beautiful naked woman steps out of the bathtub without saying a word and goes to Jack and starts slobbering all over him. But Jack looks in the mirror and his arms are wrapped around a decaying old woman with flabby patches of skin.

Did I forget any? If so! Let me know!


  1. Here are a couple more. The Creeper and the cop's head in "Jeepers Creepers" (mmmm, tongue...) and the hot chick in "The Hidden 2" with the big wormy thing in her.

    1. OMG! The Creeper! How could I forget?!? :\ Lol @ the big wormy thing in her. I haven't see that! But I shall search for it.

  2. Wow! What a unique post idea this is! Perfect! Zena, this is just the type of imaginative story I like best! You're awesome again...and always!

  3. Number 5 was strangly tantilizing for me.

  4. The most disturbing kissing scene I've ever seen wasn't in a film. There was a TV programme called The Word in the UK that had a section called 'I'll do anything to get on TV'. This lad appears, says 'I'll do anything to get on TV' and proceeds to kiss a very old lady. With tongues and everything. It still gives me nightmares now.

  5. Love this post.

    I remember all of these!!!!

    OH BTW: Cabin in the Woods.. Loved it.