Saturday, August 25, 2012

LOUIS VUITTON DAY *update* -- The Real Queen of Horror!

Just an update on a previous POST I did HERE!

Excuse that still shot of me...


  1. Hey! I saw those little Dollar Tree statues the other day! I like the little skeleton/reaper bust the best. I was picking that up, thinking it might look cute with some red rhinestones in the eye sockets. I'm in complete skull makeover mode, though. :)

    I love that little Steve Madden glitter purse!

  2. LOL Super-fun video! I've said it before and I say it again: your videos are fabulous. Unfortunately, I'm a moron who often forgets to leave comments. Oh, just kill me.

    Love these little Stay Scary statues, they look really awesome. Excited for that giveaway. I WANNA WIN! Keeping my eyes peeled like they did in various Lucio Fulci movies :D

    Well, stay... something :)