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LOUIS VUITTON DAY -- The Real Queen of Horror!

Monday, June 11, 2012Zena Horror

So, last night I wanted to treat myself to a brand new bag because well...I love shopping and handbags. But more importantly, the last time I actually bought myself a bag that I liked has been so many months ago! I find myself just settling with most of my purchases. I wasn't too sure which brand I was aiming for, but I knew there was a Chanel store in the mall so I was going on a hunt there!

Sadly, I got to the mall too late. Chanel was closed. But by the grace of God who understands my heart and knows I desire a bag that SCREAMS me...the Louis Vuitton store was still open! I'm by no means a label whore, but since I'm a huge fan of handbags and I wanted to make an investment--why not?

When I went into the store, I was instantly blown away by the shoes...but that wasn't the goal! Back on track, I glanced around more. I took notice of a bag that was possibly made just for me. Nothing warms my heart more than items specifically made for me! I knew coming into the store that I'd like a few bags that was honestly Real Queen of Horror material!

 However, I believe that there was just one bag that made me sparkle!

When I first laid eyes on this bag (above), I thought it was so me! I love that it's black. I love that it's big! I'm a huge fan of carrying part of my life around in a bag, so that's a plus.

The PROS: I love that it has an extra strap--it could be an every day bag or even a bag I use as a crossbody bag to go shopping. I know what brand it is but I like that it's not TOO flashy..if that makes sense?

The CON: I was trying to break out of my love of black bags but they seem to just find me and take me hostage. Help! 

Since I want to use this bag often, I want to make sure what I'm investing in. There has been way too many times where I buy something without really thinking about it and then I regret it because I barely put it to use. The bag is very beautiful but I feel like it's missing something. If I was supposed to get it maybe I'll add a skull piece on the zipper to horror it up. Yet, I'm still not convinced!

Anyhow! I need your help! In your opinion, is it too plain or is it Real Queen of Horror enough?


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