Monday, June 11, 2012

LOUIS VUITTON DAY -- The Real Queen of Horror!

So, last night I wanted to treat myself to a brand new bag because well...I love shopping and handbags. But more importantly, the last time I actually bought myself a bag that I liked has been so many months ago! I find myself just settling with most of my purchases. I wasn't too sure which brand I was aiming for, but I knew there was a Chanel store in the mall so I was going on a hunt there!

Sadly, I got to the mall too late. Chanel was closed. But by the grace of God who understands my heart and knows I desire a bag that SCREAMS me...the Louis Vuitton store was still open! I'm by no means a label whore, but since I'm a huge fan of handbags and I wanted to make an investment--why not?

When I went into the store, I was instantly blown away by the shoes...but that wasn't the goal! Back on track, I glanced around more. I took notice of a bag that was possibly made just for me. Nothing warms my heart more than items specifically made for me! I knew coming into the store that I'd like a few bags that was honestly Real Queen of Horror material!

 However, I believe that there was just one bag that made me sparkle!

When I first laid eyes on this bag (above), I thought it was so me! I love that it's black. I love that it's big! I'm a huge fan of carrying part of my life around in a bag, so that's a plus.

The PROS: I love that it has an extra strap--it could be an every day bag or even a bag I use as a crossbody bag to go shopping. I know what brand it is but I like that it's not TOO flashy..if that makes sense?

The CON: I was trying to break out of my love of black bags but they seem to just find me and take me hostage. Help! 

Since I want to use this bag often, I want to make sure what I'm investing in. There has been way too many times where I buy something without really thinking about it and then I regret it because I barely put it to use. The bag is very beautiful but I feel like it's missing something. If I was supposed to get it maybe I'll add a skull piece on the zipper to horror it up. Yet, I'm still not convinced!

Anyhow! I need your help! In your opinion, is it too plain or is it Real Queen of Horror enough?



  1. I think it looks great on ya dude! and when I look at that smile of yours, I tell myself "I want that feeling".

  2. I can relate to your feelings about trying to break the black handbag addiction. :) I'm like that with black colored clothes too. At one point, I was asking my friends to keep me from buying more black dresses if we were out shopping! I like your new bag. It looks very useful. You can always Goth it up with some skulls, etc. if you're in a spooky mood. Cute photo by the way!

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  4. Zena, that handbag looks like it was made to be worn by YOU! I can't imagine how it could look better on anyone else. It is definitely "Real Queen of Horror enough." I love it!

    P.S. Don't fight it; if those black handbags are finding you and taking you hostage, then I'd say it's meant to be. Nature has a way of bringing all the best together, as it has done here. :)

  5. Loving the bag as well
    But damn girl your blog scared the ish outta me looool
    I hate horror :(

    1. Lol! My blog may have scared you but I am not a scary person at all. You definitely won't catch me in a forest after 8pm. Lol. But horror is a major love of mine, as is fashion, which is one of the reasons I love your site. You are inspiring, girl. And one thing I want to do with my blog is turn fears into fun and the eerie into entertainment. That's the purpose of The Real Queen of Horror!

  6. This handbag is YOU all over! I love big handbags and call them my bag of mystery. For me, I love when my big black handbag has studs or spikes all over them.

  7. It looks like the votes are tipping the scales over in favor of keeping that handbag, Zena! :)

  8. That handbag looks fab with you! xo

  9. That bag rocks and so do you! a fabulous buy for a cool lady. x

  10. Love that Vuitton bag it is amazing!!!


  11. Being a guy, I've never really understood the fascination with shoes or purses. But, it looks like a nice bag & roomy! :) If you like it, go for it!

  12. This bag suits you spot on!! Love it.
    Love, VLL XO

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