Sunday, June 17, 2012

TOP 10 Horror Twisted Fathers!

First, Happy Father's Day! In honor of Father's Day, I thought it'd be awesome to share my list of Top 10 Twisted Daddies! This is an horrific line of fathers trying to kill their children or demanding them to possess their own twisted ways.

10. Terry O'Quinn as Jerry Blake -- The Stepfather (1987)

A man marries a widower whose daughter is very suspicious of her new stepfather--hence the name! Because of that, she looks into his past and finds some disturbing things about him. Basically, he's trying to create the perfect family but something goes wrong in his psychotic mind. He ends up trying to kill everyone, and come to find out, this is not his first time attempting this! The remake (2009) was pretty awesome as well and included a great soundtrack!

9. Bill Paxton as Dad Meiks -- Frailty (2001)
A father of two boys claims to see demons whenever he touches an "evil person." God reveals to him that he needs to rid the world of these evil people. So, with the help of God (so he claims) and his two young sons, a killing spree ensues. Unfortunately, for one of the boys, killing is not the answer.

8. Lance Henriksen as Ed Harley -- Pumpkinhead (1988)

A man decides to get revenge on some teenagers for accidentally killing his only son. As a result, he conjures up a gigantic demon by the name of Pumpkinhead. Lol. I know, the name always made me giggle! But--Pumpkinhead is actually pretty gross looking. That's fatherly love!

7. Sean Bridgers as Chris Cleek -- The Woman (2011)

This film surprised me a lot because Chris seemed like a normal, everyday father and business man to the outside world! Of course, his family knew his secret! He finds and terrorizes a wild woman with animalistic ways by locking her in the basement/shed. Like a psycho, he tries to teach his son his evil ways and encourages him along the way.

6. Perry Benson as Dad -- Mum & Dad (2008)

A young girl by the name of Lena takes a cleaning job and is befriended by a girl at the job. This friend lures Lena into her Mum & Dad's house which is a pure nightmare. It's filled with torture, perversity and murder. Poor Lena is imprisoned in this suburban home with her adopted brother, sister, and of course, Mum and the over the top crazed Dad. Lena's only options are to become a part of this insane family or die in the worst way!

5. Everett McGill as Man-- People Under The Stairs (1989)

Where do I even begin with this film? This has always been a favorite film of mine  since I can remember. Basically, two men and a young boy break into a house of a brother and sister that are more than a little twisted. The house has secret rooms and more money than anyone could dream of. Inside are also stolen children who can't escape and haven't seen the light of day in years. Everett McGill plays this role impeccably! He is so disturbing and just so plain disgusting that's incredible. From wanting to have sex with his stolen daughter and running around the house shooting through walls, this father definitely deserves a place in this list!

4. Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance -- The Shining (1980)

Poor Jack, he does a 360 on his family and turns into a pure psycho while staying at the Overlook Hotel as the caretaker. Somehow, he becomes possessed by the ghost of the hotel and terrorizes his wife and son. REDRUM! C'mon! Dude was chasing his family around with an axe! That sounds like a good hell.

3. Dale Midkiff as Louis Creed -- Pet Sematary (1989)

This film is a horror but incredibly sad. Just think: what lengths would a father go to if he lost his young son in a tragic accident? I would be kind of convenient if there was an ancient burial grounds nearby. That way, he could bring his young, adorable son back to life, right? I guess he at least has to try to help him? But helping him may mean that his son comes back demented. Now, if you've never seen this film--first, shame on you! Second, we all know that Stephen King wrote the original story and you know it's going to be awesome and definitely terrifying. Not to mention, it may not end well. There is a Pet Sematary 2. It's not bad! I think it's sad but it has it ups! The movie also has a zombified Stepfather! Kudos to that!

2. Greogry Peck as Robert Thorne -- The Omen (1976)

Unfortunately, an American ambassador learns that his son just so happens to be the son of Satan himself. No autographs, please. I know that Robert just wanted a normal son, but don't we all?

1. James Brolin as George Lutz -- The Amityville Horror (1979)

A young family moves into their dream home but soon finds out that the house actually has plans for them. Basically, George tried to murder his entire family! My advice to people is, if you find your dream house and it seems way to good to be true, just make sure you do a check on the history! I'm sure we all don't want out Father's turning into a psycho man on us! Also check out the remake (2005), it's quite awesome!


SO! I hope you enjoyed my list of some psychotic, intense, blood hungry, twisted fathers! If you feel that there is someone missing on this list, feel free to let me know! 

And again, Happy Father’s Day!


  1. pretty badass list, apart from #1. Thought Brolin's character was muddled.

  2. Great list! Happy you mentioned Terry O'Quinn in The Stepfather. He was excellent in that.