Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1: Top Christmas Horrors !! -- 13 DAYS OF CREEPMAS

Tis the season to be jolly and, of course, to endure fake smiles. HOWEVER! That doesn't stop the Christmas season because around this time there are plenty of Christmas themed horror movies to watch! So, with that, we shall begin this spectacular bloody, horror Christmas list. This is in NO order particular, just a list from which you can pick whatever movie(s) you wish to watch! There are some cheesy ones in this list...but I adore cheese.

Two Front Teeth - 2006

On the night before Christmas, a tabloid writer haunted by the Ghosts of Christmas past is investigating a Yule Tide conspiracy.... Oh yeah and there's a blood sucking, vampire Santa Claus involved, along with other demonic creatures. o_o!!

Silent Night Deadly Night - 1984

A teenager's parents were murdered. And while in the orphanage, the teenager was abused by the Mother Superior. This tormented teen decides to go on a murderous rampage dressed as Santa.

To All Goodnight - 1980

Christmas break at the Calvin Finishing School for Girls is visited by a pair of vengeful psychopaths both dressed as Santa Claus.

Gremlins - 1984

A man buys a cute, furry little creature with huge eyes (mogwai) as a Christmas present for his son. The boy is told to keep the pet away from water, out of the light and never to feed it after midnight. Of course, those rules aren't followed! So yeah, the creatures produce half a dozen furry replicas of itself and continue to multiply and turn the small town upside-down.

Black Christmas - 1974

It's time for Christmas break and the sorority sisters make plans for the holiday, but the strange anonymous phone calls are beginning to put them on edge. A missing sorority girl, and dead bodies popping up among other things...! A true classic and a must see for the season!

The Gingerdead Man - 2005

Three executed murderers whose remains are stored in a vat of pastry batter return as evil cookie monsters ready to kill. Lol.

Santa's Slay - 2005

A black comedy about Santa Claus, which is played the wrestler Goldberg, turns out to be the son of Satan and not the harmless old fellow we know and love. So yeah, he goes on a deadly rampage.

Don't Open Till Christmas - 1984

Someone with no Christmas spirit is killing anyone in a Santa suit in London. One man has to stop this killer before he makes his exploits an annual tradition.

Jack Frost - 1996

A horror movie involving a killer snow man. Look out!

Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out) 1980

It's a dark comedic horror but has awesome Christmas horror efforts. It's a story of a boy who loves Christmas but is scarred when he learns that Santa is not real. When he gets older, he becomes a toy-maker and tries to make the Christmas spirit a reality. He becomes obsessed with the behavior of children and the quality of the toys he makes. Fast forward...he's on to become a serial killer.


  1. The Gingerdead Man, starring Gary Busey? Oh wow. I think I might need to find that one. :)

  2. Great list, as always, Zena. :) Love Black Christmas, so much. Not to mention, SNDN.

  3. wow--what a great list of movies! definitely gonna' watch a lot of these. thanks!

  4. This is a great list, and will give me a place to go to for new Christmas movies this year, because I haven't seen all of them. I'll have check some of these out.

  5. Great list, I love Black Christmas! Am sitting down to watch some festive guts being spilled this week might need to make room for a few more titles now.

  6. Great holiday suggestions! Question: Was the recent "Black X-Mas" a remake of the "Black Christmas" on your list? Haven't seen either, but will probably watch BOTH this season!

    A truly horrible holiday horror for me (though not a movie) is Rosie O'Donnell and Elmo singing "Do You Hear What I Hear". Yikes!!!

  7. What a great list. You dug up some great finds. I knew Black Christmas would make the list. That's a classic.

    I think one of the Child's Play movies was centered around Christmas.

  8. Black Christmas is prob one of my favorite horror films period, Man that To all a good night vhs cover looks so familiar I have to check that out

  9. seen a few of them:

    -Silent Night Deadly Night and Gremlins are probably the 2 best xmas-horror-flicks ever made.
    There are 4 more SNDN sequels, but apart from Part 2 they all suck.

    -To All A Goodnight - boring and tedious.

    -Black Christmas - a true horror classic. For whatever reason, I also like the silly remake.

    -Santa's Slay - Hilarious!

    -Don't Open Till Christmas - stupid but fun!

  10. Yet another killer list Zena, Black Christmas is one of the greatest slashers of all time.