Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5: Saint Nick theatrical trailer -- 13 DAYS OF CREEPMAS

Here's a great film recommendation for Creepmas! Saint Nicholas is not the good-hearted children's friend as people think he is. In reality he is a cruel bloodthirsty bishop! On the night of December 5th there's a full moon and Saint Nick will try to slaughter as many children as possible!

This movie was written and directed by Dick Maas. It was released in Holland last November. The trailer is below and it has English subtitles, enjoy and you can thank me later!


  1. Might have to check this out. The slaughter of children sounds very interesting. ;)

  2. Oh man, that looks AMAZING! Though I can't decide if it's amazingly good or amazingly bad! Either way, I've never heard of it before. My dad and his partner are currently in Holland so I might have to see if they can post over the DVD or something. ;-)