2 years anniversary


Tuesday, May 21, 2013Zena Horror


Today marks 2 FREAKING years that I've been blogging on here! It's hard to believe that 2 years ago I was completely drained from life and honestly had no sense of direction until I started this blog! I know it's just a blog to some people but when I created Real Queen of Horror, I wasn't in the greatest position. But I knew then, that I absolutely LOVED horror and nothing could change that. So, it just made sense to expose my love. And TA-DA, here is Real Queen of Horror!

Regardless of what I was going through or what people thought, this was worth it! Of course, it's hard work maintaining a blog, but it's definitely such a fun adventure!

I just would like to thank everyone who visited Real Queen of Horror and supported me through these years! I even like to thank the people who come to Real Queen of Horror yet don't leave a comment. In fact, I know these people could care less for me and believe everything I put out sucks. It's funny because they insist on copying my material and pasting it on their blogs, claiming it as their own. Yes, even those people. Thank you! All due to you, you're financially helping to support my shoe obsession. My shoe collection is getting ammmaazziiingly fantastical, so thank you again!

I hope that you all continue to support  Real Queen of Horror so
we can all enjoy the love of horror & gore!

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