Friday, May 10, 2013

SUPPORT -- Kill Your Television!

Independent horrors in general need more love & support. With that being stated, you definitely need to check out new director Shawn D. Kelly's film, Kill Your Television! I love the story line and how his vision for his film to become a reality. It looks like he and his crew had an awesome time filming it as well.

Shawn is a horror film enthusiast and has been directing for about a year. Although he had limited resources with this film, you can definitely see and feel his love for horror.

It's refreshing to see that people are still following their dreams and making an awesome effort towards it. Below is the film's FaceBook page as well as Shawn's production company page! You can also check out the trailer for Kill Your Television! Furthermore, if you absolutely love the way the trailer looks, don't worry, you can also check out the film HERE! It's only about 23 minutes.

Check out Kill Your Television! trailer below:

Kill Your Television!
Red Ruby Productions

Look out for my review coming soon!

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  1. Thank you again for posting this. Appreciate it.