Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This week is breeeeeeezzzinnnggg by with all these awesome blogs about MONSTERS!

Speaking of monsters, today I decided to share with everyone my FAVORITE movie monster posters! I'm a huge fan of horror...duh! So, it's only appropriate I share. I just love these movies and the classic, vintage look.

Have anyone seen any of these awesome movies?

Enjoy the BLOG HOP!


  1. I've seen all but one. The Astounding She Monster, although I must confess I believe I met her this afternoon in Niagra Falls.

    Happy Blog Hopping.

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  2. I love vintage Horror movie posters, so it's crazy that I haven't seen any of these before. Have you seen any of the movies that go with these posters? I've seen maybe half these movies, and "The Spider" looks like something I should have seen. I feel like I've seen every giant critter movie ever made. :) I know I'm not familiar with "The Astounding She Monster".

  3. I love the old school Monsters and those posters are awesome. I have the whole collection of Frankenstein but I haven't gotten around to watching 'The Son of Frankenstein' yet. :)

  4. These were great, especially the "Astounding She Monster" and "The Phantom of the Opera." It's nice to see the old fashioned one rather than the overly-slick mask one they use now. Great post! :-)

  5. I adore vintage Horror posters! So spookily stylish! In the case of the B movies, they're sadly often way better than the films themselves. :)

  6. They all look strangely the same. Did they all share one artist back then, in Hollywood? :) Lovely though, and you gotta love Lagosi and Karloff! :)

    Shah X

  7. There's something so nostalgic about the style of old movie posters. You knew what you were getting with them. :)
    Tasha's Thinkings

  8. Karloff in The Body Snatcher! Awesome!
    Fantastic post with such beautiful art!
    Here's my day V MMM at Design du Jour.

  9. Fun posters! Loved SON OF FRANKENSTEIN when I saw it on TV as a boy!@