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Detention -- 2012 Trailer

Wednesday, February 29, 2012Real Queen of Horror

Yay! So, I thought it would be cool to post up the trailer of this upcoming slasher flick! How can you not love slashers?! This film I THINK has an alternate story line...however, I could be wrong! Bleh. This film was directed by Joseph Kahn. I know this film was supposed to be released last year; instead, it'll officially be released April 6th, 2012!

Anyhow, the film is about seniors at Grizzly Lake High School and their path to graduation is approaching BUT it becomes a bit more complicated than usual! Pretty much a slasher movie killer comes to life and starts killing off students! And the students only way to survive is to slash their way out of detention!

Overall, I feel like this film is The Breakfast Club meets Scream!

Anyhow! If you have time to spare...I say check out the trailer below!

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  1. This year you will see a bunch of films that revolve around school and zombies or killers. This film, Detention of the Dead, Bad Kids Go to Hell, there will probably be more and I want to see all of them haha. It seems like when a film is made there are like a few films that have the same location and they all come out pretty close to each other. As long as there good I don't mind :)

  2. Ohhh I am soooo looking forward to this movie! Thank you so much for posting this movie. Ahhhh! so excited! :D