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Top 10 Zombie Films!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011Zena Horror

So, Creepmas is over! I must say, I didn't do a dandy job at sticking with my commitment with these 13 Days of Creepmas posts and do to that, I apologize! Thanks for those who did enjoy the post I did put out! So with that as a treat, I present to you the TOP 10 Zombie films!

This is a list of top 10 zombie films in my opinion that MUST be seen! Every horror fan....not just horror fan, EVERY film fan should really check out these movies as soon as he or she can! That is because I tried to put together a list of zombie films that are more than zombies running a muck, but a real zombie conflict filled with rabid zombie attacks where the living fight purely against the living dead. Doesn't that sound awesome?

Each movie that I listed have a great gore and kills, but I will not spoil that for you! As always, I rather you check it out yourself and you can be the judge, if you please! Anyhow, just remember while watching these awesome films, who recommended it! ;)

10. 28 Days Later -- 2002

An amazing updated zombie flick that is full of gore and running zombies. Yes, I know some people do not believe in running zombies...but aren't they cool? This film added something spectacular to zombies and indeed added fear to these new breed of zombies!

9. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things -- 1973

It's a B rated film but should definitely not be swept underneath the rug! This movie involved an ancient ritual and clearly shows WHY you shouldn't do that kinda stuff!

8. Night of the Living Dead -- 1968

The black and white in this film shouldn't stop you from checking out this classic. It even still holds itself up high compared to the movies today.

7. Night of the Living Dead -- 1990

This is Tom Savini's magical, horror-a-tastical remake that was meant to be a tribute to the classic and truly is! Very entertaining and perhaps better than the original!

6. Day of the Dead -- 1985

George Romero did some awesome camera tricks to create the zombie infestation in this classic. This is a great living dead classic that shows how quick and easy zombie infestation can occur and, of course, what happens.

5. Dawn of the Dead -- 1979

Another Romero one and slightly different from many, MANY horror movies. Romero shoots this film a majority of the time in broad daylight or bright areas. It's very rare that a horror director isn't interested in the shadows or darkness. Very awesome that he did that. This film is kinda silly...well at least to me, but then again I laugh at inappropriate moments/things anyway. It focuses on a mall with survivors trapped inside and zombies nearby.

4. Dead Alive -- 1992

If you can honestly stomach gore...this film is the one for you!

3. Zombieland -- 2009

In comedy/horror the world is over run by zombies and there are rules to follow!

2. The Return of the Living Dead -- 1985

An awesome CLASSIC and a must see! "Send more paramedics!"

1. Zombie -- 1979

Lucio Fulci....allows all your gore dreams to come true! Fulci's zombies are oober slow, even slower than Romero's zombies, which isn't a bad thing! As the army of zombies come shuffling all stiff towards you, watch out, you may be creeped out!

Clearly! If you made it through the whole list...you MUST be a zombie fan! Well rock on. I know I missed many, but just let me know what your TOP 10 Zombie Films are!

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