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CLASSIC HORROR -- Student Bodies

Friday, September 23, 2011Zena Horror

I watched this movie like a month ago and have been meaning to do a review on it but would always forget. Yeah, that's bad on my part, but maybe it's because the film wasn't memorable. Anyhow, I know most of you have already seen or at least heard of Scary Movie (2001). And a lot of people believe that Scary Movie was the first spoof horror movie. Wrong! Student Bodies was Student Bodies was released around 1982. That was around the same time that many slasher films were coming out. This film was directed by Mickey Rose and co-director by Michael Ritchie (RIP).

This movie did give me a couple of giggles here and there--I won't lie! But that's because he makes fun of the typical characters who live in a world where a killer is on the loose! So, the movie starts out on Halloween, which just so happens to be Friday the 13th. There is a young babysitter whose getting these out of control phone calls of just heavy breathing. Things continue to become bizarre when the phone actually begins to drool... The babysitters boyfriend shows up so they can mess around like most teenagers do in horror movie scenes like this! The boyfriend first wants to take a shower; meanwhile, there is a mysterious heavy breathing figure that enters the house. The killer has a choice of weapons, a knife, a gun...and so on, but the killer chooses a paper clip. After the killer eventually gets up the stairs because his boots gets stuck in some goo...he kills the babysitter with the paper clip by stabbing her to death. And then he kills the boyfriend with a garbage bag. I'll stop there, I don't want spoil it for anyone...

The movie was pretty cool AT TIMES because it would make fun of all the clich├ęs in slashers. An example, it had an arrow pointing out the lock of the door when a character left the door unlocked. Another thing that was pretty cool, the film gives you all the suspects--it shows up on the screen but as people die, you see the body count number shown on the screen. I'm not going to be too hard on this film like I know people are/were but the down part is, it tries too hard to be funny. It tries too hard to the point where it's actually not funny, but just more ridiculous.

I think at the end of the movie, it kinda just loses some stuff. Scary Movie, in my opinion is the best horror parody ever filmed. But Student Bodies wasn't a bad start! I don't recommend this movie to anyone who doesn't have 90 minutes to spare! It isn't a bad movie to watch with a group of people, who know NOT to take it serious.

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