Comedy Horror Review

FILM: Rubber -- 2010

Sunday, June 26, 2011Zena Horror

Ugh...I watched this movie about 2 weeks ago and wanted to delete it from my brain, but instead, I'm going type out all my anger here. So, excuse me if it gets a bit much. Quentin Dupieux is the one who directed and wrote this. I'm apologize, Mr. Dupieux, in advance! As an inspiring filmmaker, I always feel AWFUL when I see horrid movies because that's someone's work! Hard work! I feel bad for everyone who took part of that movie and it makes me sad...

This movie is about a tire, yes, a tire and his name is Robert. Robert was abandoned in the desert and suddenly, for NO REASON AT ALL, he comes alive. Robert is rolling around the desert--and oh yeah, he has telepathic powers. Robert has the ability to destroy anything he wishes without rolling/moving anywhere. He attacks little things at first, like animals and what not. Then he starts to attack humans, and it's..."chaos." I heard people tried to compare this movie to Christine (1983) HA! I'm still trying to see how... BESIDES from the whole inanimate object thing. Besides that, I got nothing...because the film Christine was a classic automatically for me and it had a cool story line, whereas this film's story line...was just slapped together, so it seems.

I don't care what anyone says, this film sucked. I didn't find it funny, nor will I ever find it funny. I'm cool with comedy horrors but I thought this was just stupid. The whole time this film was going on I was aggravated--yeah, I was aggravated with the film and its ridiculousness--but I was more aggravated with MYSELF because I sat there and watched the whole thing. My poor eyes and ears. :( For those of you who have seen it and are saying "Oh, it wasn't that bad!", you're a liar. I'm joking...but seriously, after seeing that movie ONCE, did you ever watch it again?? I would hope not. Unless you genuinely enjoyed it then...hey ok, live your life and enjoy it. 

I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone honestly, but I know there are people out there who loved this movie. So to those who enjoyed it, I'd truly love to know why. I'm thinking maybe I just didn't get it or I'm not seeing it correctly. Help?

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