Thursday, June 9, 2011

Issues/The House of the Devil

This past Monday, I was suppose to put out my The Evil Dead/Evil Dead II movie review but being that I'm using a PC (Windows Movie!) to edit my videos, I haven't had the BEST of luck. But I've been pushing forward since then and it's FRIDAY. But I did order a Macbook today, although it's used its STILL a MacBook and it has all what I desire in life. When I finally have my beloved Macbook, I can edit as much as I want, whatever I want, for as long as want. How beautiful does that sound? I'm sooo happy, I'll be even happier when it gets here.

Anyhow, all day was disgusting, almost all week was but especially today. It finally cooled down though and I decided to relax with a movie of course! So I decided to watch The House of the Devil. 2009 Directed and written by Ti West...same dude who directed Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, I honestly didn't mind knowing this plus I'm into giving chances! I've been hearing about the movie for awhile and I saw up on Netflix so I thought why not? Basically, it's about an college student named Samantha Hughes and she takes this weird babysitting jobs that just so happens to be the night of a full lunar eclipse. After a while, she starts to realize while on the job, that the people she's babysitting for are hiding a secret that involves her being used in a satanic ritual...etc.
I actually liked this movie, its suppose to take place in 1980, although it was filmed in 09. It really did look like a movie from the 80s! The filming and the shots were awesome. If you like slasher/satanic/haunted house type movies--I say check it out. I, personally don't care that much for satanic type of movies but I still gave it shot & liked. That's why its good to switch things up every now & then. Plus this movie was based on "true unexplained events", which was quoted in the beginning. Anyone else seen it? That was a great watch for me, it kept my attention. I think it was the camera angles..oh well, good night!


  1. Haven't seen it yet, but plan on watching it one day.

  2. I absolutely love the tension that West builds up with this film. While, the ending wasn't what I wanted it to be...the film, as a whole, was a near perfect throwback to the old films I loved from the 80's. Have you seen Babysitter Wanted yet? It's amazing how similar it is to House of the Devil...but, I liked the ending to that one better. You should check it out.


  4. (RANDOM...I love your blog!)

    AnywayI loved the build up as well! I was still entertained the whole time. And I agree with you about the ending...although I'm not sure the meaning of it.

    I'll definitely checkout Babysitter Wanted, I heard about it but I was having some trouble finding it. I met have to order it online. I'm all in for a better a ending.

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  6. (RANDOM...Thank you! Love yours, too! Just bookmarked it!)

    I almost passed up Babysitter Wanted because the box cover looks so cheesy...but, it's really good. Also...what's your favorite horror film of all time? Just curious.

  7. Lol, yeah, I saw the cover & thought the same thing but I'm still going to check out. I kinda have a thing for cheesy horrors...I don't know what it is! My FAVORITE all time horror is Night of the Demons 1988. It's the perfect movie & can honestly do no wrong. From the storyline to the music to the characters, although they're semi-traditional. Don't judge me! Usually when I tell people how much I love that movie they just tell me how much they hated or loved the remake. >_<

    What's your favorite?

  8. That's actually a refreshing choice. Most people don't appreciate the awesomeness of Night of the Demons. I actually wrote a comparison review of both the remake and the original in our little Cage Match Review that we do from time to time. I think you'd get a kick out of it...

    As far as my favorite...I'll go by the decades I've been alive on Earth:

    70's: Suspiria
    80's: Evil Dead 2
    90's: Dead Alive
    00's: Let the Right One In

    Having said all of overall favorite has always been Suspiria. I love every second of that film on so many levels. In my humble's not the most perfect horror film....that honor goes to Psycho. It's not the scariest...that one's The Exorcist. But, it is the most visually striking and the most beautiful horror film I've ever seen.

  9. That's awesome favorites you have! I loved Suspiria, it WAS very beautiful.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Evil Dead II, I liked the first one too but the second one was my favorite. :}

    I love your taste in music.

  10. Oh? Who told you about my taste in music?? And what album is in my car right now? If you can guess exactly...I'll send you a Film Deviant t-shirt!

  11. Lol. OH! I *meant* your taste in MOVIES but I was thinking about the music from Suspirira...soo I said music. :| So, yeah. Can I still get a Film Deviant t-shirt? :D

  12. Hah...I was a little drunk when I offered that free t-shirt. But, since I like your taste in horror film (with the exception of the Quarantine pick for number 2?!)...I'll send a Film Deviant shirt your way. Just send me the color you want, size, and address to and I'll make sure it gets sent out. And thanks for subscribing to the channel on YouTube!

  13. Quarantine was awesome & used to be #1. YAY t shirt! Thank yoooouuu, I'll wear it well.

    And not a problem, thanks for the sub as well. :D