Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TOP 10 Underrated Horror Movies

I decided it would be an awesome idea for me to post my TOP 10 underrated horror films. I would do 20 but I'll save the other 10 for another day. :)

10. Grindhouse: Planet Terror
Directed by Robert Rodriguez
It appears this movie was made in the 70s, which I thought was one of the most awesome things at the time! I don't want to ruin it so I'll keep it brief! I thought it was awesome because its main focus was about the zombie apocalypse. If you loooove violence/action/zombies/FUN, then check it out. The other film aside from Grindhouse was Death Proof, directed by Quentin Tarantino. It was okay to me.

Directed by  Matt Reeves
I don't get it! So many people haven't seen this AWESOME movie. I heard rumors of part 2! may just be a rumor. Boo. :( Anyway. It's pretty much about some friends who are throwing their buddy a going away party. The movie takes place in New York, and on the very same day of the going away party, a HUGE monster attacks the city. The whole movie is shot with a handy cam, so it's a point view kinda thing. It's like a documentary that shows friends trying to survive the most horrific event that could ever happen.

 8: A Tale of Two Sisters
Directed by  Kim Ji-woon
It's a psychological horror film. I really LOVE those. I thought it had such AMAZING camera work to the point that just after watching it once, there were shots that stayed in my mind. So, it's about 2 sisters who after spending time in a mental institution return to their home, to their Dad and Stepmother. KEYWORD of course there is something up with her. Lol. To describe her in a polite way, she's a bit unbalanced. There's just so much creepy stuff in the movie that I loved a lot.

7: Ghost Ship
Directed by Steve Beck
I know a lot of people said that they were let down by this movie but I can't see why! I fully enjoyed it. I thought the storyline was on POINT along with the cast, camera shots & soundtrack. I thought Emily Browning was so cute; she didn't look like that typical little girl that's usually in movies like this. Anyway! It's about a salvage boat crew who finds a huge ship that was lost for over 40 years. When the crew gets on board, they begin facing more than what they expected. I'm big on story lines, and to me, this movie's storyline to was outrageously awesome.

6: Orphan
Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra
I admit...I, too, thought it was going to be like The Omen or one of those I'm-satan's-kid-hear-me-roar movies but believe me, I was SO wrong. It's about a couple that wants to adopt because of a tragic miscarriage/accident that took a huge toll on their marriage. Both the couple find themselves drawn to one particular little girl and decide to adopt her. As soon as they bring this little girl home, so many weird things begin to happen. The wife, in particular, notices these things which makes her see over time that the little girl is putting on a huge act and isn't what she seems. I'm keeping it general because I don't want to give away ANYTHING because the movie surprised a GOOD way. Once again, another movie whose storyline was awesome and had such an AMAZING twist. Bravo to Vera Farmiga, she played the lead girl.

5: Splinter
 Directed by Toby Wilkins
As much as I love horror, I could NEVER imagine being in such a nightmare as this movie. It's about a young couple that's on a romantic camping trip for the weekend but it starts off horrible. They get car jacked by an escape convict & girlfriend. Now, the 2 couples get stuck in an isolated and remote gas station where there is a virus that infects you and turns you kinda into a zombie with some sort of splinter type of things coming out of your body. I did see this movie on Syfy or Chiller and at some moments during the movie, I knew it was meant for fun & not to fully be taken seriously. And since it was fun, that's exactly what I wanted.

4: Dead End
Directed by Jean-Baptiste Andrea & Fabrice Canepa
Awesome how 2 directors did this! This movie was FREAKY! Not a lot of people saw it but it kept my attention--there was never a boring part. On Christmas Eve, a man driving to his in-laws with his wife, daughter, daughter's boyfriend and son decides to take a short cut that he and his whole family will pretty much regret. Lol. Entertainment straight through. Lin Shaye is in it. I like her a lot; great actress.

 3: The Mist
Directed by Frank Darabont
I went to the theaters to see this INCREDIBLE movie & fell in love with everything about it. Its hard to sum it up because its better if you see it! But I'll try! In a small town, there's a crazy storm that pretty much lets loose these blood hounding creatures. There are people who are trapped in the supermarket and fights these monsters off to survive. "There's something in the MIST!!" It came out in '07...if you haven't seen it--really?? Why not? Go watch it. Thanks!

2: Quaranatine
Directed by John Erick Dowdle
It's a remake (Original is called REC) and I was surprised that I loved it so much because of it being a remake. I'm SO happy there's going to be a part 2 that takes place in an airport terminal. That makes me never want to go to the airport but hey. This movie had EVERYTHING! It should have been a horror movie in my opinion. There are people who did see the original who didn't like this one, then there are people who didn't like it because they didn't think it was scary. Once again, I'm BIG on story line. This movie scared me because the characters in the movie were in a position where it's like: YOU'RE SCREWED. I love when movies suck me in as much as this one did. Plus, it was a completely new outlook on zombies. AND the way it was filmed...rocked MY life. It was documented. It was filmed in a point of view shot, but I didn't get dizzy the way I did while watching Cloverfield. This movie should have been WAAAAY bigger than what it was. I felt like it was swept under the rug that's up in the attic at your Aunt Mildred's...which nobody goes to see her or her dusty ol' carpet anyway.

Anyway, a young news reporter and a camera man decide to trail fire fighters for the night. The fire fighters get a call they have to respond to. Fast forward and somehow the news reporter, camera man, fire fighters, police officers and the residents are now sealed (QUARANTINED!) in the apartment complex by the government. There's no way out at ALL and there is a deadly (zombie) virus going around. It's shot in a video camera point of view by the camera man the whole time.

1: Primal
Directed by Josh Reed
I thank my Mother for recommending this movie to me. However, not this movie. THIS movie was sooooooo awesome. I was surprised by it! EXTREMELY surprised & pleased. (I'm so going to do a video review on it!) This movie received waaaay too many bad reviews & I don't get it again.

It was unexpected, ENTERTAINING & exciting. I never thought the movie would turn down the path that it did. And those of you who claim it was're liars. Joking but I'd like to know how so?

It's about a group of friends who are off in the middle of nowhere studying an ancient rock painting. Things turn sour when one of the girls start to act real funny after skinny dipping in some water. She pretty much goes back mentally to her a vicious primal mind state. While watching, you're watching such great horror yet you actually learn some stuff. Awesome.

WELL!! That's MY list. I don't know if anyone else has seen these or completely disagree with me but its cool, I'd like to know others TOP 10 Underrated Horrors!


  1. Great list. Maybe underrated by others, but quite a few are highly rated by moi.

  2. BTW, that lanky zombie goon at the end of REC/and the remake, one of the visually creepiest zombies I have ever seen.

  3. Thank you, Keith! I'm glad you like, if they're highly rated by you then you have awesome taste. :)

  4. I must agree with Planet Terror. Some folks aren't old enough to appreciate those cheezy double-feature movies!

    Cloverfield because smashing buildings is a childhood fantasy. Wish I could suit up in a big Godzilla rubber suit and stomp over a lego city.

    Thanks for the reviews, I'll go hunt these down because horror is good therapy!