Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday Feasts 10-30-2020

I feed on horror practically all day, both big and small screen releases. Because of this, every Friday I will share one of the newest independent shorts that I enjoyed. We'll call it our Friday Feasts!

I'm back with another well crafted short for your eyeballs!

Here's the synopsis: A abandoned building. A man wakes up. He does not remember anything. He is in a hospital. Traces of blood on the walls. Debris everywhere. And at the end of the corridor, a man with a mouth full of blood is standing still with an arm in his hands. He comes to smell it like a wild animal. He seems completely disturbed. But he does not attack it. What happened? Why does he not remember anything? And what are these wounds that cover his hands? Wounds that look like the ones on the other deranged man…

Check out Revenu a.k.a. Back From It:

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