Thursday, January 10, 2019



I don’t know how many people watched the last season of Netflix’s Iron Fist, but I must say that Alice Eve killed in her role as Mary Walker. Literally, she killed a couple of people in her role and I was surprised because I had never seen her kick butt like that. She even took down the Iron Fist! Down to the point where I thought I had a chance if I ever ran into him on the street. Anyway, I know she has been in many projects, but until I watched Iron Fist Season 2, the main role of hers that stood out for me was She’s Out of My League (2010). Now, I have the feeling that her newest movie Replicas will have us talking about her even more. With Keanu Reeves (Matrix, John Wick) as her scientist husband, Eve’s character Mona and her daughter Sophie (Emily Alyn Lind) return to life after a fatal car accident. The trailer doesn’t reveal much outside of all hell breaking loose after their resurrection. But truthfully, that’s information for me to pick up my ticket.

In addition, director Jeffrey Nachmanoff returns to the big screen after his 2008 hit Traitor, starring Don Cheadle. In those eleven years away from theatrical releases, Nachmanoff either wrote, directed or produced shows, attached to such projects as Hostages, Legends, Allegiance and Chicago Fire. With Replicas, he joins writer Chad St. John, the wizard behind Peppermint and London Has Fallen. Seeing a creative team like this alongside other heavy-hitting crew members in the film industry, Replicas is lining itself up to be a treat for the New Year.

Replicas arrives to theaters January 11, 2019. I’m curious to hear what you guys think of the film.

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