Friday, May 26, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Preview Songs From SLASHED! The Musical

GUYS, FINALLY! A Slasher Musical! If you're a sucker for horror AND musicals, please read on.

SLASHED! The Musical is a killer slasher comedy coming to Hollywood! SLASHED! is directed by Chelsea Stardust, with book, music & lyrics by Sean Keller. It was produced by Rudy Scalese and Clarke Wolfe, and choreographed by Rebekah McKendry.

SLASHED! tells the story of a handful of would-be camp counselors gearing up for the grand re-opening of Camp Freedom, or as the locals refer to it, CAMP DOOM! *cue the lightning!* A decade earlier, Little Peetie Jergins fell into a bonfire while the counselors were too busy drinking, dancing, smoking and banging each other to pay attention to his horrid screams.

Now, Peetie’s unquiet spirit roams the woods, punishing those who engage in the behaviors that led to his fiery death. The lake will run red with the blood of his victims.

The show features a cast of characters who you're familiar with but they all have a major twist! There are seven original songs inspired by 1980's Top 40 radio and plenty of horror clichés for a comedic effect. Set in the year 1983, SLASHED! will have audiences laughing and screaming from beginning until the very bloody end.

Get a taste of what’s to come by downloading for FREE the complete cast album 
from the musical by Sean Keller here.

SLASHED! has its preview night on June 4th before officially opening June 9th. 
You can purchase tickets right HERE.

L O C A T I O N: 
Complex Theatres
6468 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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