Friday, February 20, 2015

PODCAST -- Girls Will Be Ghouls


Ashlee Blackwell (Graveyard Shift Sisters) and I have combined our horror love and formed Girls Will Be Ghouls! A podcast where talk freely about horror, the good, the bad and the ridiculousness! 

Two AWESOME black women with a horror podcast, POW!!!

In our first episode we began with my TOP 5 WORST HORRORS OF 2014 and then we move on to discuss Ernest Dickerson's 2001 BONES. We have an awesome rating system that Ashlee came up with entitled The Minority Report.  The Minority Report assesses both a horror film's number of characters of color and their significance in each film.

5 – Blacker than Blacula

A horror film with an almost all or entirely Black cast that commonly deals with issues within the African diaspora.

4 – Demon Knight Jada Pinkett

A horror film with an almost even cast of diverse characters where a character of color has their own story, takes on a significant leadership role, and can in the end, be victorious/the survivor.

3 – Sleepy Hollow Season 2

A horror film with a relatively mixed cast with so much promise, yet instead would rather regulate characters of color to supporting/background roles while the white, main characters are at the core.

2 – Kincaid Token Factor

A horror film that told itself, 'Oh! Let's add a Black character' that adds nothing to the story except to maybe help the white, main character(s) but be nothing but a slightly to infuriating stereotype.

1 – Whiter than the 2015 Oscars

A horror film with virtually no characters of color. Maybe background players as civil servants if we're lucky.

Next we jump into Brett Simmon's 2014 Animal, where we discuss actress Keke Palmer's pointless, horrid music video. Feel free to watch and wonder why a horror film needed a music video, I know we did.

Concluding our first episode we both give horror recommendations!

We hope you enjoyed our first episode, look out for our next episode next month. 

If you have any questions, comments feedback or simply want to say 'ello feel free to email us at

You can also find our show on iTunes! Big thanks to the Legion Podcast network 
for being our awesome host! 

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