Friday, February 27, 2015

FASHION POLICE -- The Best Dressed in Horror

Amanda (Mandy's Morgue of Horror) and I are the fashion police! Look out horror world, we're on the prowl, picking out the best and worst dressed of the season! We decided to compile our very own best dressed list of the horror genre!

First up we shall take a look at the best dressed horror characters over the past thirty years!


Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

AMANDA: Bateman may be a psychopathic killer, but at least he does his dirty deeds while looking dapper. Between his perfectly coiffed hair and his structured suits, he is by far the best dressed killer out there. Whether he’s wearing pinstripe shirts, suspenders, or protective outwear over his outfits, Patrick Bateman is always dressed to kill.

ZENA: This cold-blooded killer of the night always plays it polished with his cutaway collar and tailored shirts. Besides being addicted to brutally killing prostitutes, Mr. Bateman is addicted to big labels such as Armani, Givenchy--and let's not forget--Valentino. How many men, let alone psychotic murders, can be meticulously groomed like our very own Mr. Batman?

Trash (Return of the Living Dead)

AMANDA: Sometimes less is more, and when you have an incredible body why would you cover it up with clothes? Trash is sexy and rebellious, and her personality shows through the clothes—or lack thereof—that she chooses to wear. While she rocks black leather shorts and a cutoff jacket like no other, it’s the way she strips the clothes from her body that REALLY sells the outfit.

ZENA: Amanda, I definitely agree! Trash is a pure sex kitten with hardcore hair! Majority of girls always say "I have nothing to wear!" Well, let us all take notes from Trash. You can't go wrong with leopard and leather!

Snake Plissken (Escape from LA)

AMANDA: Has an eye patch ever looked sexier? Wearing head-to-toe leather can be tricky, but Snake Plissken’s lean body fills out his clothes in all of the right places. With his leather jacket, black boots, and those fingerless gloves, Plissken oozes bad boy sex appeal without trying too hard.

ZENA: When it comes to Snake, he has to be one of the roughest and toughest eye patch wearing men walking these streets! When he is in all black, I'm definitely a huge fan!

Pam (True Blood)

AMANDA: Pam was everybody’s favorite smart-ass vamp on True Blood. Not only was she quick-witted and fearless, but her fashion was always on point—no matter what life-or-death situation she was in. Her hair was never out of place, and between wearing gorgeous corsets and skintight leather and black, she was always dressed like royalty. Her clothes represented her personality perfectly and with her confidence, it’d be hard for her to ever end up on the worst dressed list.

ZENA: I love that Pam wears over-the-top, body hugging outfits! Whether she's wearing fishnets, latex, leather or corsets, her outfits are edgy with a definite, always in-your-face fierce look!

The Grady Twins (The Shining)

AMANDA: Some can argue that the Grady twins were a tad bit creepy, but they just wanted somebody to play with in the lonely Overlook Hotel. Despite being dead, the girls were still dressed well. Who can forget their adorable matching baby-doll dresses and white knee-high socks. The hair berets were like icing on the cake of the cutest outfit in the after-world.

ZENA: These girls make me reevaluate plastic hair clips that I used to wear as a five-year-old. Also, let's not forget the bib neckline dresses. Who says that a girl has to be sexy to be fashionable? There's nothing wrong with being good ol' fashioned creepy. It worked for these two dead girls, so I'm sure it'll work for me!

Diane Freeling (Poltergeist)

AMANDA: And the award for best nightie ever goes to Diane Freeling. Toward the end of her ordeal when Diane thought that her family had overcome the darkness, she threw on an over-sized jersey that made it too hard for supernatural forces to resist her. A woman usually always looks sexy in her man’s shirt, but Diane looks even sexier being thrown around a bedroom and falling into a pool full of skeletons. Comfortable, low maintenance, and fearless mama bear—Diane Freeling would look hot in a brown paper bag.

ZENA: I always thought that Diane should have been known as "Mama Quarterback" so this outfit fits her well. When she was being dragged around on her ceiling, all I could think was "Where can I get that jersey?!" The tasseled, I've-just-been-thrown-among-skeletons look is so in.

Anna (The Guest)

AMANDA: Throughout The Guest Anna’s fashion was on point. Between wearing a skull tunic and garter belts, and her gorgeous full head of curls, Anna made you wish that you dressed half as good as she did when you were in high school. My personal favorite of her movie looks was her work uniform where she transformed into an alternative real-life version of Alice in Wonderland. Seriously? This girl can make her shitty waitress uniform look chic by adding black thigh highs and combat boots with laces to match the sleeves of her top.

ZENA: When it comes to Anna, I'm completely in love with her wardrobe! I live for her skull tunic with garter belts! When I first saw her in that outfit, I literally screamed because I'm absolutely in love with her style. She is the best dressed waitress EVER.

Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle (The Craft)

AMANDA: Don’t act like you never went through a phase in your life where you didn’t want to dress like a Catholic school girl, or at least have sex with one. The girls of The Craft may have been outcasts in their high school, but I could never understand why—they were friggin hot! Each made their school uniforms better by adding their own personal spin to it, and outside of school the girl’s fashion was the epitome of 90’s fashion.

ZENA: Can we take a moment to thank God for white button downs with the sleeves rolled up, and knee socks? These girls may not always be in the right place but their wardrobes are.

Lola Stone (The Loved Ones)

AMANDA: Lola was the Queen of prom for a reason: she looked damn good in a pink dress. The hot pink sleeveless number she wore to torture her Prince Charming perfectly showcased who she was as a person. She was childish, immature, and a total princess; and her cutesy dress highlighted all of that. Just because it was cutesy doesn’t mean I didn’t love it—girl knows how to rock a prom dress! I would totally blow my whistle for her any day.

ZENA: I would totally hang out with Lola; simply so I can borrow her hot heels and awesome crown. That's something every girl needs in their wardrobe: a hot pair of heels with a bow and a crown.

Angela (Night of the Demons)

AMANDA: Pre or post demon possession, Angela was a hot party girl who knew how to dress. That plunging neck-line and lace! All black everything! She wore fashion trends BEFORE they were fashion trends. Angela was the queen of the party because she was queen at life. Excuse me while I fan myself after looking at all of her perfectness.

ZENA: Original Angela was a goddess! I adored her long black tulle dress with deep neckline, cross earrings and fishnets! I have no idea what she was supposed to be for Halloween, but who cares?! Possessed or not…please give us your outfit; keep the broken crown.

Who would be on YOUR best dressed list?

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