Sunday, February 1, 2015

Upcoming Horrors for February 2015


The month February is filled with plenty of horror, woo-hoo!!

Wowzers! It's been a while since I did this one! I'm here to share the list of all the oh-so-delightful horrors coming out this glorious month! In the world of horror, it doesn't matter if it's straight to DVD or theaters--horror is HORROR!

If you've already checked any of the movies out, please let me know. Or if you plan on checking any out...let me know anyway! Or! If I'm missing any, LET ME KNOW! Duh!

Ninjas Vs Mosters - RELEASE DATE: February 2nd, 2015
Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Werewolf, and a some Witches battle Ninjas in this comedy-horror. 

Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard - RELEASE DATE: February 3rd, 2015

A military force stands between a coming dead horde and their rural town decimated by the fracking industry.

The ABCs of Death 2 - RELEASE DATE: February 3rd, 2015
Another 26-chapter anthology that showcases death in all its vicious wonder and brutal beauty.

Exists - RELEASE DATE: February 3rd, 2015
A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot.

Dracula Untold - RELEASE DATE: February 3rd, 2015
As his kingdom is being threatened by the Turks, young prince Vlad Tepes must become a monster feared by his own people in order to obtain the power needed to protect his own family, and the families of his kingdom.

Starry Eyes - RELEASE DATE: February 3rd, 2015
A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.

Ouija - RELEASE DATE: February 3rd, 2015
A group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.

Enter the Dangerous Mind - RELEASE DATE: February 6th, 2015
A reclusive American composer with an online following has a tentative romance with a beautiful social worker. This offers a glimmer of hope, but his mind fractures as the voices in his head grow louder and more destructive.

The Voices - RELEASE DATE: February 6th, 2015
A mentally ill factory worker stumbles innocently into the role of a killer, guided along the way by his evil talking cat and benevolent talking dog.

Fear Clinic - RELEASE DATE: February 10th, 2015
A doctor works to cure patients suffering from crippling phobias by placing them inside his invention which induces and controls hallucinations.

Frankenstein vs. The Mummy - RELEASE DATE: February 10th, 2015
The mummy of a cursed pharaoh and a reanimated corpse terrorize a medical university. Only an Egyptologist and a college professor, the deranged Dr. Frankenstein, may be able to stop the creatures before it's too late.

Wyrmwood - RELEASE DATE: February 13th, 2015
When falling stars bring a mysterious plague onto the land, transforming all but a select few into ravenous, bloodthirsty monsters, gruff-but-kind family man Barry is left to battle it out.

GirlHouse - RELEASE DATE: February 13th, 2015

In an attempt to make some extra cash while away at College, Kylie moves into a house that streams content to an X-rated website. After a deranged fan hacks in to determine the house's location, she finds herself in a terrifying fight for her life.

V/H/S: Viral - RELEASE DATE: February 17th, 2015
Follows fame-obsessed teens who unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation.

Digging Up the Marrow - RELEASE DATE: February 20th, 2015
A documentary exploring genre based monster art takes an odd turn when the filmmakers are contacted by a man who claims he can prove that monsters are indeed real.

Ejecta - RELEASE DATE: February 27th, 2015
The story of one night on earth that changed everything we know about the universe.

Out of the Dark - RELEASE DATE: February 27th, 2015
An American couple, Sarah and Paul Harriman, move to Colombia with their young daughter, Hannah, to take over the manufacturing business owned by Sarah’s father, and soon realize that the house they moved into is haunted.

The Vatican Tapes - RELEASE DATE: June 6th, 2014

Follows the haunting tale of 27 year-old Angela Holmes, who accidentally cuts her finger and ends up in the emergency room.  Infection leads to erratic behavior, and she begins to have a devastating effect on anyone close, causing serious injury and death. Soon people believe she is possessed!

The Lazarus Effect - RELEASE DATE: February 27th, 2015

Follows a team of research students who discover the secret to bringing subjects back from the dead. However, their actions result in a series of sinister consequences.

Are YOU looking forward to any?

| Happy HORROR! 

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