Monday, July 14, 2014

TV Show -- The Strain Season 1 Episode 1

When you see a poster of a worm digging its way into an eyeball, expect a big treat in your future!

Just know that this pilot has far too many awesome 
creepy moments that will NOT be spoiled!

The new FX show adapted from the trilogy of vampire novels The Strain, written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, does not disappoint us! The first episode 'Night Zero' is creepy, intense, captivating and super entertaining. The opening happens rather quickly yet it has an unsettling, the-end-is-near type of vibe! A commercial plane coming from Berlin landing in NYC encounters something deadly on aboard. Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the chief medical officer for the CDC, is in the middle of counseling session to save his marriage and relationship with his son when he is urgently  called to check out a plane that landed in Berlin. Since the plane has landed, it hasn't made any contact at all, not to the control center nor did the passengers on board try to contact their family or friends. At first Dr. Eph's life seems a bit unorganized however, when it comes to his job he is completely professional and in control. Within the first 10 minutes of the show it's clear that it's an awesome start!

I couldn't help but watch the show wide-eyed wondering what would happen if this were REAL! This plane had over two hundred passengers and there were only FOUR survivors! On top of that, the four survivors may be contaminated with a potential plague/infectious disease. Although this situation is very extreme, the director and writers really made it realistic. From what I could see, the realistic-NESS of it came off as some of the strongest material in the pilot alone and it definitely drew me in more. Another thing that's awesome is due to it being a TV show rather than a film, there's plenty of room for growth, so I'm looking for more intense situations! The pilot is a great start to a show I wasn't too sure about it. Not only was last night's episode engaging but there were moments of genuine terror. (Shout to the people who lost sleep last night or had nightmares!) The performances with the actors and actresses were very strong as well.

Overall, the pilot left me wanting more and due to that I MUST recommend it. Plus since I'm a sucker for good kills and gore, I plan on watching future episodes and LIVE tweeting (Follow me on Twitter)! When the episode first started, we dived right into craziness and when the episode ended it will change the way you feel about Neil Diamond's song "Sweet Caroline"!

The Strain continues next Sunday at 10:00PM on FX with "The Box"! 

Will you be tuning it?

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