Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FILM -- Mischief Night

Mischief Night, the night before Halloween, in which it's the one night of the year...

..where kids and most likely greasy adults terrorize neighborhoods with eggs, toilet paper, smashing perfect good, harmless pumpkins and other items that will definitely leave a mark! I never knew that the night before Halloween had a name nor did I think it was the night before Halloween that people terrorized others. Oh well, you learn something new everyday!

Moving on, the film focuses on a young girl named Kaylie who is babysitting on the night before Halloween at the typical wealthy family home. She is watching over their baby in hopes that the child will stay asleep for the whole night so she can pretty much do whatever she pleases. Since it's Mischief Night, Kaylie is warned by the local neighborhood watchman named Mr. Smiles never to answer the door. Well, after viewing this film, it seems that NOT opening door could still cause issues! Over time, Kaylie starts to feel that someone is watching her every movie right outside the house. Whelp, she was right! The mysterious killer who was watching Kaylie finally gains access in and after a game of cat and mouse between the two, the mysterious killer prepares to kill her. But then suddenly, Kaylie and the killer fall for each other and now, the killer can't seem finish what he started. Kaylie and the killer form a love bond that's a bit strange and definitely not predictable. The killer isn't as cruel and ruthless as we thought, while Kaylie on the other hand isn't the typical innocent victim. Because this film is full of surprises, I'm going to stop right there in hopes you will check it out to better understand what I'm trying to get you to visualize!

I only have one is issue with this film and that is it isn't scary however, even thought it's a horror, I don't feel that was the goal of the film. There are plenty of jump scares so if that's what you like, most likely you will be pleased. I absolutely praise the director, Travis Baker, for making a film that's not only entertaining but also unique and completely original. It is a horror because it focuses on a morbid topic and on top of that there's loads of gore. The characters are awesome, especially Kaylie since she's so well complexed and surprising. It's also pretty awesome watching a killer befriend his victim and they form a rather sweet bond.

Majority of the film is spent on the characters and it's not boring or drag whatsoever. Kaylie is well developed character who I can tell has a dark side while the killer, he is looking for something deeper in life. In the script it seemed like death was being compared to love because the two fell for each other under the most unusually circumstances. The killer stalked and assaulted Kaylie due to an urge of wanting the feeling of rush but instead he started to feel love towards her. Although this film is some what of a love story it's completely disturbing and I love it!

This film shares the "Mischief Night" title with another film that was made in 2013, however don’t confuse the two. The two films are completely different from each other and have nothing to do with one another. Overall, I highly recommend checking this film out, I think you may be pleasantly surprised. As long as your open, Mischief Night will entertain you, rather if you take it as a horror or a thriller drama.

 out 5 queen skulls!

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