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Upcoming Horrors for July 2013


We're way past half the year, welcome to July!!! It's time to share the list of all the oh-so-delightful horrors that are coming out this month! In the world of horror, it doesn't matter if it's straight to DVD or theaters--horror is HORROR!

If you've already checked any of the movies out, please let me know; or if you plan on checking any out...let me know anyway! Or! If I'm missing any, LET ME KNOW! Duh!

Blood Runs Cold - RELEASE DATE: July 2nd, 2013
(VOD, Limited, DVD)
In the dead of winter, Winona, a successful musician, plans on relaxing and finding creative inspiration by returning to a cabin in her hometown. When she arrives, she runs into her a group of old friends that includes her boyfriend. They decide to continue their reunion back at the cabin until they quickly discover they aren't alone. There is something horrific that lurks underneath the floorboards!

Absence - RELEASE DATE: July 5th, 2013
(Limited theaters)
Doctors are baffled when a young expecting mother awakes to find her nearly-to-term pregnancy has disappeared overnight. The police are investigating the situation as a missing child case. This movie is told in found footage style. The once pregnant woman's brother is filming his sister's experience to try to find answers. They end up on a trip to the mountains to escape the attention of police officers and nosey neighbors. But once there, the trip begins to take a turn that will leave no one safe.

Jug Face - RELEASE DATE: July 8th, 2013
The pit has spoken! A potter whose apart of the backwoods community, has crafted a face on a ceramic jug of the person that the pit wants sacrificed. A woman pregnant with her brother’s child, has seen her face on the jug and hides it in the woods, determined to save the life of her unborn. If she does not sacrifice herself, the creature from the pit will kill everyone in the village until she does.

The Expelled - RELEASE DATE: July 9th, 2013
A group of teachers and students are locked inside a high school for hours trapped by a mysterious hooded gang. So, now they must defend themselves as the dangerous, deadly people hunt them down one by one.

Would you rather - RELEASE DATE: July 9th, 2013
In the wake of her parent's death, Iris struggles to make ends meet while caring for her terminally ill younger brother. When someone offers to her Iris and her brother they soon find themselves trapped in a mansion and forced to play a sadistic game of Would You Rather! The winner will be awarded A LOT money. As the game continues, Iris and others playing the game may have to face deadly things.

Pacific Rim - RELEASE DATE: July 12th, 2013
Set in a future where malevolent creatures threaten the earth, the planet must band together and use highly advanced technology to eradicate the growing menace.

Beneath - RELEASE DATE: July 16th, 2013
In this film, we follow six kids stranded on a rowboat and attacked by a man-eating fish. This film takes Hitchcock literally. In order to survive, the kids one-by-one vote each other off the boat.

Saturday Morning Mystery - RELEASE DATE: July 17th, 2013
Four professional ghost hunters travel in a vintage van accompanied by their canine companion. (Yes, just like Scooby Doo!) Soon, theyget more then they bargained for when they investigate an abandoned schoolhouse with a mysterious past!

R.I.P.D. - RELEASE DATE: July 19th, 2013
A recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him.

Grabbers - RELEASE DATE: July 19th, 2013
A quaint Irish fishing village is tormented by an invasion of squid-like creatures.

Under the Bed - RELEASE DATE: July 19th, 2013
In this film, every child knows about the monster under the bed, but Neal Hausman's mistake was trying to fight it. Now, Neal has returned from a two-year exile following his tragic attempt to defeat the monster. He comes back to find his father closer to a breakdown, his new stepmother scared of him, and his little brother terrorized by the same monster. With no support from their parents, the brother decides to take desperate measures.

The Conjuring - RELEASE DATE: July 19th, 2013
The film tells a true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are world renowned paranormal investigators. They are called to help a family who is being terrorized by a dark presence in their secluded farmhouse. So, upon confronting the demonic entity, the Warren family find themselves caught in a horrifying situation. The film is based on the novel House of Darkness House of Light.

Hell Baby - RELEASE DATE: July 25th, 2013
(VOD, Limited)
An expectant couple moves into the most haunted fixer-upper in New Orleans. It's a house with a demonic curse! Soon, things spiral out of control for the couple as we;; as their neighbor, psychiatrist, a sibling and the detectives assigned to look into the rising body count!

Frankenstein’s Army - RELEASE DATE: July 26th, 2013
The scientists have used the legendary Frankenstein’s work to assemble an army of supersoldiers stitched together from the body parts of their fallen comrades – a desperate Hitler’s last ghastly ploy to escape defeat.

Stranded - RELEASE DATE: July 26th, 2013
When the isolated U.S. military moonbase is bombarded by a rogue meteor storm, Colonel Gerard Brauchman and his small crew are cut off from Earth with their life support failing. Before long, the crew discovers meteors that are harboring and replicating aliens. And now, a vicious, shape-shifting predatory life form is loose inside the crippled facility, picking off victims one by one.

Twixt - RELEASE DATE: July 30th, 2013
A writer with a declining career arrives in a small town as part of his book tour and gets caught up in a murder mystery involving a young girl. Later in a dream, he is approached by a mysterious young ghost. He's unsure of her connection to the murder in the town, but he is grateful for the story being handed to him. Ultimately, he is led to the truth of the story.

The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh - RELEASE DATE: July 30th, 2013
This film will feature a strikingly original narrative technique that glimpses into the psychology of spirits.

The Demented - RELEASE DATE: July 30th, 2013
Six college friends meet up for a carefree weekend that turns deadly! There's a terrorist attack in a nearby town. It infects a lot of the townspeople with a deadly virus that induces rabies-like symptoms yet more intense. Can they survive?!

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