Sunday, July 21, 2013

CLASSIC HORROR -- Night of the Comet

If you haven't heard of Night of the Comet, clearly you've been living under a rock. Get it? A comet is a rock. We live under the rock already. Whatever! Just know that this film is one of the ultimate 80s horrors! It was directed by Thom Eberhardt and released in 1984. I'm not too sure if it was supposed to be funny, but I laughed...and then I laughed some more!

This film begins with an eerie narration about a comet that passes Earth every 65 million years. Majority of people celebrate its arrival, while others see it as the end of mankind, believing that it killed all the dinosaurs in its last appearance. These circumstances are soon presented to Regina "Reggie" Belmont, who would rather play the arcade game Tempest than work all night at her movie theater job in Los Angeles. After a long shift at the theater, Reggie continues the night in the steel projection room, pocketing 15 bucks from the projectionist she fooled around with last night. Yes, she's cheap, but I suppose she needs the money for her video game addiction.

On the other side of town, Sam, Reggie's younger sister, gets in a heated argument with her stepmom, who is busy enough hosting her Comet celebration. A slapping contest between them angers Sam enough to run away from home, or at least pretend to. She retreats for the night to the steel tool shed.

The next morning, Reggie leaves the projection room and notices the crimson sky. Unfortunately, the color is due to countless people turning into red dust or something else. (The unfortunately was for Reggie and Sam, but for me, it was AWESOME!!)

Fast forward, Reggie gets attacked by a homeless man. This guy looked disgusting. His face was peeling off and almost looked as if he'd just had a bit too much fun eating spaghetti. Reggie barely escapes, speeding on a motorcycle and racing home to Sam. She rushes past the massive destruction of empty cars and dust piles before she makes it to Sam, whose frustrated about being late for cheerleading practice. Reggie tries to explain to Sam that everyone is gone! After the typical moment of disbelief (the swallowing gum and wondering what to do next), they hear a DJ on the radio. So! There could be another survivor!

The girls head to the radio station to find the DJ's voice a recording. Lucky for the girls, they bump into a truck driver named Hector. Reggie and Hector try to piece together why everyone has either turned to dust or become zombies. Sam begs over the radio station for anyone that is still living to call. Surprisingly, someone does! But I'll stop right there to avoid spoilers!

Although, Night of the Comet is a low budget flick, it's a cult classic! Mr. Eberhardt, the director, did an awesome job with the horror and even the comical parts. There are plenty of things that are memorable about this film. For myself, it's a scene that involves a free shopping spree at the mall. Don't judge me! How can I not love the hideous zombies, the blood or even the frightening fashion?

Overall, I recommend this to everyone for a good yet horrific time! It's unique and enjoyable. Just imagine everyone else turned to dust or zombies, and all you or I can depend on are two valley girls to save us. Just put that in your back pocket for later!

I give it 4 out of 5 queen skulls!


  1. Grew up on this flick. Total blast.

  2. One of my faves. Glad you enjoyed it

  3. This is one of my favorite 80s movies. I remember seeing this in the theaters.

  4. I've seen it a very long time ago, but apart from the hilarious shopping spree, I don't remember anything. Time for a rewatch =)