Tuesday, July 16, 2013

UPCOMING FILM -- Oldboy Trailer

This isn't necessarily a horror movie but I'm passionate about this!

Check out the trailer for the remake of Oldboy, of course it doesn't look horrible. My issue simply is why remake such a masterpiece? To avoid spoilers, I'll just say, those who haven't seen this movie just know that it has such an insanely STRONG story line that it's hard to remake something like it. More importantly, why even try? Can't you just like the movie and watch it everyday without ruining it for everyone else? Huh, Mr. Spike Lee?

Anyhow, the release date has been changed from the October 11th, 2013 to October 25th, 2013! So, who's going to check it out?

SYNOPSIS: Oldboy tells the story of a man who is kidnapped and imprisoned on his daughter’s birthday. For fifteen years, he is held captive, and, upon his release, must begin his journey to find the reason for his imprisonment. He soon finds out that his kidnapper has plans for him more tortuous than his solitary confinement.

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