Sunday, March 31, 2013

FILM -- The Haunting of Whaley House

So this film was directed and written by Jose Prendes and released sometime in 2012. It follows Penny, who works as a tour guide at the Whaley House, the most haunted house in America!

For the past four months, the main character Penny has been working as a tour guide at The Whaley House, where Anna Whaley and other Whaley died during the 1800s. Penny is a bit skeptic and says she doesn't believe in ghostly encounters that tourists claim to have seen.

While working at the Whaley House, Penny was given THREE rules that you should NEVER break!

1. Don't call the ghosts out.
2. Don't damage the house.
3. Don't ever go inside the house at night.

Of course, you'll know she'll break those rules! After one of the tourists sees a ghost during a tour and has to be hospitalized. Penny tells her boyfriend and three other friends about the incident. Somehow, her friends persuade Penny to go to the house that night in search for any real ghosts.

Since she does have a key and all, she agrees and lets her friends inside the house along with another guy named Ray who has all the paranormal gadgets and gizmos! He brings along a famous psychic named Keith.

As the crew attempt to investigate, Vanessa, one of Penny's friends, flips out like the tourist earlier that day and an accident occurs! What they all don't know is that Anna Whaley's spirit doesn't like unwanted guests at night. So one by one, she'll claim all of their souls.

The plot is simple. There isn't anything too difficult or complicated about it. A group of friends sneak into a haunted house looking for ghost. The acting in the film was pretty good, though I don't think anyone could win an Oscar from it...but who cares! I don't watch horrors for the acting.

So, there is a REAL Whaley house, but due to budget restraints, they couldn't afford to film the movie there. But have no worries, they found another creepy looking house for the movie!

Although this film is low budget, I thought the cinematography throughout the movie was VERY well done! I really liked and thought it looked better than some theatrical films.

I don't think that this films offers anything new, but it was definitely refreshing since they used plenty of good old-fashioned scares with some occasional bloody scenes! But! It does offer a frightening atmosphere and plenty of quirky dialogue that should satisfy just about anybody!

I give this film, 3 out of 5 queen skulls!


  1. I love this review. I am going to watch it.even though it got 3 skulls.

  2. I was watching an episode of Most Haunted set in the Whaley House just the other day! I'm definitely interested in watching this one, supernatural/ghost films are my absolute favourite! Thank you for the review! :D ♥

  3. I watched this movie and i must say it sucked. The acting was terrible and so was the script but with that being said i think it had potencial. thanks for introducing me to the movie maama. :-D 'T'

  4. No, i liked it. Just the acting was really bad. That black kid did a bad job i thought it was suppose to be funny. I love watching movies you review because you are awesome at it. Thank you. 'T'

  5. I'm gonna have to give it a shot. I like haunted house stories, but so many are done poorly.

  6. I just saw this movie on Netflix. I noticed in the credits that it was filmed on location at the Bembridge House in Long Beach, CA. Bembridge House doesn't have the same notoriety as Whaley House, but it still has some interesting history to it online.