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There's a nail-biting thriller that is going to be filmed this month in Orlando, FL. It's called Justice! It's a short drama directed by Nathan McMahon and presented by Dark Elf Films, August Moon and Demarco Films.

SYNOPSIS: A young girl witnesses the rape and murder of her mother, which leads her into a tailspin of drugs, sex and an unending whirlwind of degradation. The man responsible, John, recently released from prison for the crime, is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Racked with guilt, determined to seek out the girl, Heidi, he sets out on a quest to allow her the justice she deserves. Fighting through pain, overcoming any obstacle in his way, he ultimately comes face-to-face with her, in an open field, with him standing at the precipice of a recently dug grave, and hands her a gun.

"Put your past to rest".

I had the pleasure of attending one of the casting calls in a cool restaurant, surrounded by SO much talent. All of it was mind-blowing!

And people CLAIM that you need to go to LA or NYC to become an actress! So not true! I was able to talk to some of the actors/actresses as well as crew members that are part of the film! Dark Elf Films really appreciates the talent that showed up that night and blew us all away!

Here are just a few people who auditioned or are part of the crew for the film!

"I'm a magician and have been for 3 years." What made him so interested in being a magician, "The mystery. Magicians are seekers of the time."

Dayana Rocano, Actress
"Halle Berry is someone who inspires me the most!"

Erin Farrell, Actress
She moved from Los Angeles, CA to Orlando, FL and noticed her career going up! She's a director, choreographer, actor, singer and dancer!

Gianna Camberia, Actress
"The person who inspires me the most is Jennifer Lawerence, she's so down to earth."

Elizabeth Masters, Actress
"The person who inspires me the most is Mariyln Monroe because she went against what society wanted. She didn't want to be a mold. She took a risk, wore what she wanted and went after her dream. I relate."

Brittany Isham, Actress
"I've been acting for 10 years. I always wanted to do it."

Fran Raffacty, Actor
"Sylvester Stallone really inspires me. I compare my life to his."

Joselito "Jam" Marquez, Actor
"I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY and I've been acting for 30 years. The person who inspired me the most in the acting industry is Denzel Washington."

Emily Cutting, Actress
"I'm originally from Springfield, MA. Natalie Portman inspires me."

Melinda McDonner, Actress
"I'm a fan of musicals."

Ylian Alfaro Snyder, Script Supervisor
"I'm the script supervisor and an Architect by day."

Maria Celli, Production Assistant
"I'm originally from Bronx, NY but I have been in FL for 20 years. Someone who inspires me is Freddy Krueger for the simple fact that you have to sleep."

Reina Hernadez is an inspiring actress. I just thought she was adorable so I had to interview her!
"I'm in 8th grade and I"ve been acting for 2 years. I'm in Advanced Drama class"
Thank you Dark Elf Films for allowing me to be there! 

Also, from Dark Elf Films, a huge THANK YOU to the actors/actresses who came out that night to audition! It was incredible being in the room with so much talent!

This film looks incredibly promising. So if you live in the Central, FL area and would like to audition as an extra in a film that will most likely win oscars, Dark Elf Films would totally love to hear from you!

Please email your name, a simple picture of yourself, your contact number 
& tell them Real Queen of Horror sent you!:

Please put in the subject:

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  1. That's cool you got to experience that. I've been on a movie set before and it is truly mind blowing.