Sunday, April 8, 2012

What's new to Netflix?

I'm on Netflix right now, seeing what's newly added to the streaming list and it seems like he horror offerings a little light! But it's okay, horror is horror! And I love it regardless. Below are the newly added horrifical horror added to Netflix!


  1. Nice selection! Now, which one to watch tonight is the next step. :D

  2. Rare Exports is really fun! Minus all the old man ass they show.

  3. Yeah I really dig Rare Exports, too, and Kaptain Cronos is classic.

  4. Hmm, actually some good choices there. Seen most of them, but I'll check the others out, definitely!

  5. ooh, Tony! I always wanted to see that one!

  6. Jeepers Creepers - yay!
    Rare Exports - highly entertaining!
    Human Centipede 2 - quite ok
    Mum & Dad - quite interesting
    The Clinic - lame
    Salvage - cool!
    Sint - fun!
    Pet Sematary - yay!
    Pet Sematary 2 - nay

  7. @Jenny I hoped you picked a good one!

    @Ghostwound LOL!!

    @RoboCop Yes, Kaptain Cronos!

    @Michele Glad you will! ^_^

    @Kaijinu I still need to check that one out too!

    @Maynard Morrissey OMG! Really The Clinic was lame? Oh no!

  8. Jeepers Creepers is legit one of my favs. I used to watch it daily when it came out and I have the entire thing memorized.
    The Clinic was lame! It really, really bothered me because the women get C-sections, which pretty much cuts your abdomen muscle,making it extremely hard to move for a few days, yet hours after having it done they're running and climbing shit! SERIOUSLY? The only thing good about it was the Andy guy from Sparticus who died.