Sunday, April 1, 2012

FILM -- April Fool's Day

This fantastical slasher was directed by Fred Walton and released March 27th, 1986! On April Fool's Day...DUH, a group of college kids head to their rich friend's Muffy St. John's house for her birthday. To get to Muffy's house, they have to take a ferry because her house is on an island surrounded by a large lake. It's a horror movie so the ferry doesn't travel that often...just thought I throw that one out there!

Anyhow! The pranks start way before Muffy's friends even board the ferry! Without giving any spoilers...because once again, that is something I do not do! On the night the 8 friends arrive at Muffy's house the pranks start to take on a more vicious, cruel tone BUT no one knows who's doing these pranks that begin to turn deadly!

So, I heard that there are a lot of horror fans who disliked the ending. The ending in my opinion was pretty awesome because you don't expect it or see it coming! At least I didn't, anyway! On the other hand, it does make you reevaluate exactly what characteristics make a horror film in the first place! And to me, that is far more valuable then any other ending that could have been.

I liked this movie, it's a classic. If you don't like it, you suck--just kidding, only your taste sucks, not you exactly! ^_^ But seriously, not quite what you think it'll be but it's totally worth your time if you're into 80s/90s slashers and even 60s somewhat supernatural horror! Oh yeah, there is a remake that was made in 2008 and it was like no one cared about it. I mean, I know I didn't. So, with that being said, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Stick to the original, below is the DVD cover so you know what it looks like so it'll be easier to avoid!

Overall! I totally recommend this movie--especially since it's April 1st! What better way to spend your day? I give it 3 out of 5 queen skulls!


  1. Absolutely wonderful 80s classic. Not perfect, but extremely entertaining and pretty thrilling. Thumbs up!

  2. I adored the original. I definitely agree with you on the remake. It's like they didn't even bother watching the first one before writing the script.