Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FILM -- 2001 Maniacs

Thank you all wishing me a Happy Birthday! I totally appreciate it! ^_^

This movie has modern day CHEESE to it & that is why I watched it more than once. It was released in March 28, 2006 and was directed by Tim Sullivan. Eli Roth is one of the producers...which makes total sense! Plus, he makes cameo in the film, which is super cool. This is a remake, the original is Two Thousand Maniacs, directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis’. Buuuuut I never saw the original so poo for me. Anyway! 2001 Maniacs is about a group of sex craved, "I wanna party!"-craved college students.

Well, they're headed to Daytona Beach for Spring Break. You know it's coming!! Along the way they are lured into some random mysterious ghost town of Pleasant Valley, Georgia. These college kids are suppose to be guest of honor in the Pleasant Valley's annual celebration and feast. Unfortunately, Pleasant Valley isn't as pleasant as it seems. Yet, all the townspeople are still being oober friendly to these outer towners, and soon the kids start disappearing one by one. Just to avoid from spoiling the movie, I'll stop right there.

Robert Englund is in this film and his character is quite awesome! This movie has a great cast to it: Lin Shaye, Giuseppe Andrews, Jay Gillespie, Marla Malcolm, Wendy Kremer and last but not least Christa Campbell. A lot of the actors aren't well known but they do a great job. I like this movie. I know it's not the BEST movie ever but it's enjoyable to me. It's fun & filled with soooo much gore; it's down right incredible.

Overall, it isn't the BEST movie ever but it's a bloody feast filled with some humor. A perfect time to watch this movie would definitely be now. I give this movie 3 out of 5 queen skulls!

Have you seen the movie? If so, what are YOUR thoughts?


  1. I have this movie, but I still haven't watched it or even taken it out of the shrink wrap. I will definitely sit down and give it a look, now.

  2. I dug it for what it is, just an over-the-top gory flick that doesn't take itself all that seriously. It's fun.

  3. It's not every day I see blood splattered parasols! Just looking at that weird picture makes me curious about the movie.

  4. I don't think i have seen this one. Looks good so I think i'll give it a try on a night my girls aren't home. Thanks for the rec.

  5. I agree, it was enjoyable but not great.

  6. @Zak Greene It really is over the top! But enjoyable! :)

    @Justine Lol. I hope you can check it out!

    @Vivienne Let me know wha you think, when you do! ^_^

    @Ricky lad we can agree!

  7. I highly recommend to watch Herschell Gordon Lewis original ASAP. IMO it's waaaay better than this quite weak reboot.