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TOP 5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Watch Horror!

Sunday, July 08, 2012Zena Horror

It's no big secret, I LOVE horror movies! Unfortunately, I know many people who claim that they don't watch horrors or don't like them YET they watch True Blood or The Walking Dead. No, those two aren't movies but they're in the horror GENRE. And with that being said, it's such a sad world we live in where people do not know how to define themselves, but also, don't know what to like anymore because it may not be in. Bleh. I could go on...but I won't!

With this post I wanted to list the TOP 5 reasons why you SHOULD watch horror movies. I truly believe that you non-horror watchers are missing out! So, not only as a citizen of America but as the Real Queen of Horror, I need to do my rightful duty and indulge you all into some horror!

5. Simply for thrills!

You can attain this feeling by simply watching a movie! Too good to be true isn't it? Apparently, people seem to forget! If you watch a horror movie and you get scared, creeped out, turn your face away at certain parts or jump, then it's done it's job! How can you not love the rush? If you go to amusement parks, how can you not watch a horror? You aren't fooling anybody.

You went on that roller coaster ride for a couple of screams and thrills with no real life harm or danger--well, horrors are the same! These types of thrills pose no real threat and because of that, it translates in to being laughed at and enjoyed!

4. Entertainment.

Believe it or not, horrors are very entertaining. For example, someone getting their head ripped off while the blood continuously spurts out like a broken sink is very entertaining.

Seriously, with horrors, the joy of it is that there are no limits. I guess in our society that's not seen as the norm.

3. Teaches you morals & common sense!

People may think that in a society where there are shows like "16 & Pregnant"; or reality shows where you eat a pig's raw, infected  left nipple to win 30 grand; or hour long segments of boys and girls losing their virginity before they hit 14 years old that we are in an open, welcoming society--well wrong. Apparently, common sense isn't too common anymore.

An example, one of the TOP RULES in horror, is NOT to have sex. If you do, you die. Of course, people say that it's the "man" and his way of being in control. Perhaps if you're a teen and you're hot in your crotches as you read this text--just remember that if you have sex, you could possibly get stalked by a mysterious man who wears a trench coat even if it's 99 degrees outside. Keep that in mind when your boyfriend of 2 weeks, Douglas, is SEXTing you and you talk about it to your friends Mattie & Wilbert and you are all in agreement that it's "TIME".

Really though. There's no reason to go out swimming late at night by yourself when there just so happens to be a psycho killer on the loose. If you saw a horror where there was a killer running around slashing throats and cutting people's ankle bones completely, GUARANTEE, the next time you're in the woods alone--about to go swimming...you won't.

2. Loyal to it's genre!

When watching a comedy as an example, I'll see that the genre will sometimes drift off and it's like I'm watching a drama. However! Something I can honestly say when watching a majority of horrors is that I know what genre I'm watching! It's a constant reminder even throughout the building up process!

That's hard to come by these days: a movie that is TRUE to it's genre. I can name way too many movies I watched in the past and didn't know what kind of movie it was until it came on TV or even Netflix. Horror is more than loyal to it's genre! There's no forgetting what you're watching!

1. Because.

Yes, "Because", is the number one reason why you should watch horror movies! Im not going to try to convince people to do something especially when it's their personal preference! However, if you say you aren't a fan, I just hope that you're open enough to give it a shot! I believe it's important to do something out of the ordinary!

I personally love horror movies and will always love them. I enjoy being scared and even enjoy the dreams that come afterwards. I enjoy experiencing something so phenomenal--like the story and something horrific--the blood, gore, guts...etc, you get it! It all brings a positive feeling to me. In basic terms, some people love watching dramatic, sad movies that make them cry but yet it brings positive feelings.

If you aren't watching horror movies, I truly have no idea what you're doing with your life. But that's another topic! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

The Queen of Horror has spoken...kinda!

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