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HORRIFIC FASHION -- Too Fast Clothing

Tuesday, May 22, 2012Zena Horror

I'm not too sure if a lot of people are aware of this but I love fashion! 

What girl doesn't? Don't answer that! 

I didn't always love fashion but I always enjoyed putting things together no matter what the outcome. I just always hoped for the best! A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to come across Too Fast Clothing and QUICKLY fell in LOVE with their online store. Sooo of course, I had to share!

Too Fast Clothing is such an awesome store with top quality alternative clothing & accessories from all over the world! I was so impressed because there are clothes here I've never seen before. I also found out that they have different types of artist that help create their clothing designs.

Nothing ticks me off more than seeing someone else wearing what I'm wearing! I like to be unique! And Too Fast Clothing indeed has uniqueness that screams REAL QUEEN OF! So, yeah, here it is! If I genuinely adore something, it shows up on Real Queen of Horror DOT com! I saw many things that I thought was so awesome but I ultimately fell in love with these TWO items!

1 inch platform, 5 inch heel!
Yes! These shoes are beautiful in every way! Peep the spine heel!! Yes...I know, perfection. I just may wear these on my wedding day...I'm not too sure yet!

13 inches long X 9 inches tall X 5 inches wide.
It's an amazing vinyl bowling handbag, with black lace print accents, satin lining, an inner's even pretty on the inside with satin black lace print! I've NEVER seen a bag like this one and was intrigued by the artwork! I say she's an intense zombie chick! Artwork by Carissa Rose!

No worries, Too Fast Clothing isn't only for women. They also sell men's clothing! Not only that but they sell gift cards, offer gift registries, and maintain an awesome site that's very easy to use.

Be sure to check out

Enjoy my mini commercial/review on Too Fast Clothing!

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