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Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, January 06, 2012Zena Horror

Happy Birthday...!
Today the Real Queen of Horror was born!

Sometimes I really do dislike where my birthday falls because I always feel that January is the recovery month: recovery from your finances being shot from Christmas, unwanted house guests, and even recovery from completely going off your schedule and not doing what you usually do! Also, another reason why I dislike it is because I'm usually older than people who were born the same year as myself.

I'd usually feel like an oldie mcHOLY pants. So not fun. :\ HOWEVER!!! I always did love where my birthday falls because it's a brand new REFRESHING year! Some people feel guilty for forgetting my birthday so I usually get awesome gifts. ^_^! Also, because my parents wedding anniversary (34 years!!!) is on the 8th, I not only get gifts for my day, but I also get gifts for theirs, too.

This birthday is going to be fantastical! One day, January 6th will be a national horror holiday! So, mark your calendars! This is the day to watch a horror movie of your choice, in honor of ME! Just thought I'd share!

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