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The Active Set - Famous For Dying

Monday, November 14, 2011Real Queen of Horror

I feel so awful because a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Steve from IndieRoque. He gave me a link to an awesome band to check out. The band is called The Active Set and the video he wanted me to check out was called Famous For Dying. This video rocked my life--not only for the music, but also because the video has zombies in it!

I enjoyed the song and I enjoyed the music video. So! I thought it'll be an awesome idea to share it with everyone here. I thank Steve for putting me on to an awesome song! I hope you all enjoy the song/video and you can thank me later! :P

The Active Set may be too mainstream to be true 'indie'; however, they have enough quirky and unconventional bits, making them too indie for the mainstream. Result: Limited fanbase!

For more on The Active Set:

Matthew Stolarz - Sing/Bass
Wayne Russell - Guitar/Sing
Francis Ramsden - Guitar/Keys/Sing
Michael Castro - Drum/Sing

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  1. i just completed an interview on my review site [coming this week] with the guys/band... i love this song and latest release...

    to thumbs up for them and zombies...


  2. I gave you an award. Go check out my blog!

  3. @iZombie I'm looking forward to your interview with them!

    @Lissa Lycan Yay!! Will do! :P

  4. here you go... hope you enjoy.

  5. I truly enjoyed this too!

    Zena, I also enjoyed your interview over at Horror Hotel!


  6. I got this e-mail a few weeks back too, and posted the video on my Tumblr site. Great song, great video.

  7. lol, I really like that video. Their photo is sexy too ^_^

  8. Damn, that was a catchy song! I'm going to have it stuck in my head all day. I really liked it. Loved the video too!