Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Film Review 20 -- The Shining


I did a review on Monday on Stanley Kurbrick's The Shining! A film that is filled with ghost, a magical child, dripping dead old women, splashing blood and oh so much more! I thought it was a good movie but I'm not crazy about it. One thing, I was crazy about was the soundtrack. The score to my ears was simply perfection.

Have you seen this movie? Or read the novel?


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  2. Zena, let's face it, you look VERY fancy in the hat. Tony Finger is my favorite part of the shining, and your review. (other than your hat, of course)

  3. Actually, I watched this for the first time the other day.

    Kubrick was an amazing film-maker, I'm particularly partial to his political films, Strangelove and Paths of Glory, etcetera.

    For me, The Shining feels very phoned in, and I've heard that he was sort of bribed to make the film with the promise of access to steady-cams, which were new technology at the time. Even though it's an adaptation of nutty old Stephen King, and feels like wet-work, the film is still really good, really unsettling, and very effective.

    This is due, particularly, to the soundtrack which really underscores the derangement and menace, and also to the performances. While Jack Nicholson is being particularly hammy, he's still able to communicate the fear and resentment that his character is going through. Though Shelley Duvall's character is annoying as heck, she's just playing a role, and I forgive her because she's hawt as the dickens.

    The really fascinating thing about The Shining, is the fact that it is so amazingly subtle in its story-telling. Kubrick puts the images foremost, and hides most of the story and backstory where you have to pay attention to realize what is really going on.

  4. i love The Shining, og course the book is much better than the movie. They always are. There was so much left out of the movie IT. Always read the books! Thats easy for me to say because i love to read.

  5. 'The Shining' is definitely a creepy movie, but Shelley Duvall looks so weird in it, that it's distracting.

    You look uber-cute in that hat, by the way!!

  6. Agreed, great soundtrack! I have to say in a LOT of ways, one being that is was truer to the book, I thought the made-for-tv version with Steven Weber was pretty damn good. Always always bummed that the Kubrick version didn't touch the topiary animals

  7. @Tyler Lol! Thank you! You always make me feel so magical! :P

    @Mantan Shelly Duvall's chararcter was annoying! OMG. I didn't want to mention that though..glad I'm not alone! That is true that the story telling is very subtle.

    @Vivienne I really need to read the book because I feel like I'm missing chunks. I need to be like you & read more. :P

    @LGH Shelly Duvall did look weird...her eyes were so bubble like--even more than usual. I was too distracted by her.Thank you, you lovely woman!

    @Keith I need to watch the Steven Weber's version to refresh my memory. I think I was annoyed by the little boy Danny. ;\

  8. For me, the opening shot with the credits sets the mood so completely. By the time we actually reach the hotel, I've already bitten off all my fingernails! The music is a pivotal element to the movie, but I do enjoy the subtlety of the madness that seeps in as the movie continues. The air of dread is so palpable you can taste it.