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Top 5 Favorite Haunted Houses

Sunday, September 11, 2011Zena Horror

This is just a list of my favorite haunted house movies! These are the ones I thought were scary/creepy/chilling/twisted. It's been a while since I've seen a really scary/twisted haunted house movie. I may be giving away SLIGHT spoilers.

5. Thir13en Ghosts

This one is the remake of the 13 Ghosts (1960). This remake didn't let me down. I didn't always appreciate this movie when I was a child. But as I watched it over the years, I grew to see it's true twisted and creepy nature. A man with 2 kids, who just recently lost his wife and is not financially stable, inherits a mansion from his belated rich Uncle. The mansion is beautiful and made completely of glass; however, there is a catch. There are 12 violent ghosts imprisoned in the house and they're held captive. Throughout the movie, one by one they get released. And oh yeah, the look of these ghost are not your typical projector on the wall or Casper.

4. Rose Red

A professor brings a group of psychics to an old mansion called Rose Red, in hopes that the psychics will pick up the energy in the house and unlock the secrets of the house. With this movie, it doesn't take that long for the creepy stuff to start. Sometimes, it does seem slightly watered down since it's a TV movie split up in pieces.

3. Burnt Offerings

I felt what happened in this movie could've happened to any family. Such a compromising price for a large, victorian, gothic-style house that is slightly run down and out in the middle of the quiet country. You have a swimming pool and access to decorating how you please. The only thing is that you have to care for an old woman in the attic. Sounds quite relaxing & simple? Wrong. The house rejuvenates different parts of its self with each death that happens on the property.

2. Night of the Demons *original*

As you all already know, I love this movie to pieces, but it's not my #1 favorite haunted house movie. There is no particular reason why. I did feel it was pretty freaky that the characters just wanted to have a good time at a party but demons started possessing people and all, so that kinda blew their plans.

1. House on the Haunted Hill *remake*

As much as I adored the original House on the Haunted Hill for being a classic, I absolutely loved the remake. When I first saw it, I imagined myself in a situation like that & it completely blew my mind!

I know The Amityville Horror isn't on the list and it's not because I didn't like the movie, I liked it just fine. It's just that I realize that my taste is a lot different from other people's. I'm not saying my taste is better--just different, so since it's different, expect to see different types of movies with me! Not just the movies other people may consider classics.

Either way, I'd love to know your favorite haunted house movies as well!

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