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Saturday, September 03, 2011Zena Horror

This movie was originally released in 2005, but it was I didn't get to see it til about 2008. Anyhow! The main character is Nathan and he is an unpopular student who is also a no-one-really-cares-about-me athlete. He's in love with his life long friend Jennifer, played by Samantha Mumba. Nathan decides one night to FINALLY confess his love. Whelp, unfortunately on the night he plans to confess, he goes to meet Jennifer at a secret location but there is some type of conflict between Jennifer and her father.

So, Nathan leaves the secret location. Right after Nathan leaves, Jennifer sneaks out of her house and goes to meet Nathan. But when she reaches the location, Nathan isn't there. What she ends up finding is a crumbled piece of paper. Jennifer leaves and catches a ride from a classmate who's known to be somewhat of ladies' man. Nathan is walking home in the rain when he sees his Jennifer in this compromising situation!

Well, Nathan goes home and is killed in an accident involving his Mom. Blunt? Yeah. Sorry. Anyway, Nathan's mother, not wanting to lose her son, uses an old pagan spell book hidden within the walls of a church to bring her son back, which OF COURSE comes with consequences! The next morning, Nathan is fine...well, that is before he has the symptoms of the undead and an unwavering craving for human flesh.

This movie was directed by Stephen Bradley and stars: David Leon, Samantha Mumba, Tadhg Murphy, Laurence Kinlan, Sara James, Mark Huberman, Sarah Burke, Paul Reid, Jane Valentine, Conor Ryan, Deirdre O’Kane, Doreen Keogh and, last but not least, Bryan Murray!

I was interested in seeing this movie, honestly for the title. BUT not in a sexual way, I knew it was a zombie flick! Personally, I always like teen/zombie related horror movies. If zombies were in my High School, I would have had so much more fun!

Anyhow, it's not a BAD movie, it's just very playful. I liked it. It does have some corny dialogue but it fits the film. Also, it does have plenty of blood, guts & gore! I think this could actually be a great date movie. :P

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