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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Film Review #6: Return of the Living Dead

This movie was released on August 16th, 1985 and was directed by Dan O'Bannon. This is possibly one of the BEST zombie movies ever made. If you haven't seen this movie already...really, what have you been doing with your LIFE?? My MadHouse Monday review filmed about 2 weeks ago!

Pardon that caption...YouTube always brings out the worse in me!

RIP Dan O'Bannon. :(


  1. I actually don't remember if I've seen that movie, but the guy with the Q-Tip was awesome! Except for when he rolled his eyes up into his head. It always freaks me out when people do that!

  2. It's actually a really good movie for it's time. It has funny parts and great music. :P Lol @ the eye thing, I'm sorry it freaked you out.

  3. I can pop this on and never get sick of this movie. Def a classic for me

  4. I think I remember this one. Was this the one with the mortuary workers? If so, I remember a punk goth girl zombie running through the streets. That image never leaves you.

  5. One of my favorites from the 80's.

  6. Nice video review! It is definitely a fantastic movie. It'll be cool to see your Night of the Creeps review as I also really dig that movie. Gotta love horror-comedies :).

  7. One of the few genuinely great horror movies of the mostly-dismal '80s, and full of great, quotable dialogue, EC Comics-style imagery, and a killer soundtrack. To quote the cliche, they just don't make 'em like this any more. And we're a lot poorer for it.

    (A gag no one ever gets: The two old guys who are friends are named Bert and Ernie.)

  8. Absolutely one of my favourite horror-comedies of all time! Even after countless viewings ROTLD makes me laugh as hard as it did the first time.

  9. @Slowdeath77 definitely a classic to me too!

    @MsMariah Lol. Yeeeep, that's the one. I know it does! I saw this when I was a child! That girl Trash (the nakkkkeeeeddd one) didn't ruin my childhood or made me want be like her. I thought she was hilarious.

    @Ghostwound great taste you have! ^_^

    @Marcus Thank you!

    @Cinemarchaeologist Lol! It took me a while to catch on to that actually. x_x

    @Goregirl It makes me laugh too, it's such an awesome movie. All zombie fans need to watch this movie & take notes!

  10. This freaked me out when I saw it in the mid '90s on a VHS. Today, its more of a good memory of gore & zeds. Dig the movies you feature. quite a collection


  11. Great video. Will have to re-watch this movie soon!