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Film Review #10: Quarantine 2: Terminal

Thursday, August 18, 2011Zena Horror

My apologies, I've been MIA. I was on vacation last week, & now I'm trying to get over being sick! So, no Madhouse Monday review yesterday. But, I'll make it up next Monday with something RIDICULOUSLY awesome!

Until then, enjoy last week's review! This is a sequel to Quarantine--duh but also a remake to 2007 REC. Quarantine 2 was released August 2nd, 2011, so it's very new indeed! The director is John Pogue. It was a different director from the first one, which is kinda obvious! I don't usually dig remakes, but I REALLY enjoyed the first Quarantine and when I found out about there being a part 2, of course I was super excited. Key word there is WAS. It wasn't bad....it had it's moment for those who've seen the original REC 1 + 2 and Quarantine!

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