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CLASSIC HORROR -- Happy Birthday to Me -- 1981

Friday, June 24, 2011Zena Horror

So, earlier today on this gloomy, rainy yet humid Friday, I decided to check out the 80's slasher film Happy Birthday to Me, directed by J. Lee Thompson (RIP). Now, I heard of the film but never had a chance to check it out...well so I thought. As I was watching the film, it started to seem familiar so I'm pretty sure that I saw it before.

So, the film is about a girl named Virginia aka Ginny who survives a tragic accident and because of that accident, she has to move away to get special treatment that will block out parts of her memory. Four years later, she comes back in the town she was originally in, before her accident happened & all. Ginny is now a senior at Crawford Academy and surrounded by all her rich, popular friends. Unfortunately for Ginny, she starts to experience black outs days before her 18th birthday. As a result, one by one her friends disappear/die. Ginny begins to wonder if she's killing her friends since she black outs and forgets things. Sounds simple enough?

I enjoyed this film even though it kinda reminded me of April Fool's Days (1986) just a tad bit...not that its a bad thing. Also there were some parts that were dragged out a bit too much. It wasn't torture to watch this film at all nor was it a ridiculously long film. But I just thought if it got straight to the point it wouldn't have been as long as it was.

I also admit this film was hard to follow sometimes...it was like I wasn't quite sure what I as watching because some flashbacks Ginny was having had me just LOST. But the ending, which is what this film is most famous for, was quite awesome in a Scooby-Doo-where-are-you kinda way. It was very surprising. I did hear that there is going to be a remake...BIG surprise! And it'll be in 3D, another HUGE surprise. I do recommend this film to people who enjoy the whole 80s slashers & if you don't like 80s slashers than you might not dig it...MIGHT not!

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