Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Queen Goes International: INVOKING YELL


We are headed to Ñuble this week!

Queen Goes International is a segment where I share horror films or series that I'm keeping a lookout for. Whether it's cinema these spicy brown eyes have seen before or cinema you and I must see before our dirt naps, here I express my God-given right to spread the horror love coming from all corners of the Earth. 💚

Back in May, one of Chile's more prolific filmmakers, Patricio Valladares, has wrapped filming his latest, a black metal horror flick, INVOKING YELL! It was filmed in Los Lleuques, Ñuble.

If you are like and adore Chilean horror movies you may want to keep a look out for this one! I believe this one was released over seas but unfortunately there is no US distribution so no release date (Boo!!) However! It will hit the festival circuit next year in 2023. 

Synopsis: Set in 1997 South of Chile, where a trio of metalhead twenty-something girls venture into the woods to shoot their demo tape for their black metal band, Invoking Yell, while also documenting the eerie and unsettling process of recording psicofonias in the woods for the final track.

Trailer unavailable.

What do you think about this one?

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