Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Queen Goes International: HIDDEN IN THE WOODS II

This week, I want to talk about the upcoming Chilean survival horror thriller, HIDDEN IN THE WOODS II.

Queen Goes International is a segment where I share horror films or series that I'm keeping a lookout for. Whether it's cinema these spicy brown eyes have seen before or cinema you and I must see before our dirt naps, here I express my God-given right to spread the horror love coming from all corners of the Earth. 💚

I have not seen the first film, HIDDEN IN THE WOODS but I'm intrigued by the sequel so now I must watch them both!

Directed + written by: Patricio Valladares

Synopsis: Set ten years after the original and sees Anny, a survivor of the horrific events depicted in that first film, trying to lead a new life in a new town as a cleaner. This peaceful existence is soon shattered when Anny is caught up in a nightmarish situation at her employer’s lake house when local gangsters turn up to collect a debt for their boss, Uncle George.

No trailer is available!

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