Thursday, June 25, 2020

Happy Birthday Ernest R. Dickerson

In honor of Ernest R. Dickerson's birthday, I'd love to celebrate his work as a film director and cinematographer!

Did I ever tell you guys how much I admire Ernest R. Dickerson? Well, I do! I just wanted to share with you guys my top films in which he served as director and/or cinematographer. 

Mr. Dickerson's is known for his action, horror and sci-fi films. With his cinematography, he mainly concentrates on dark colors but with a lot of contrast and mystic lights. I can always tell it's an Ernest R. Dickerson film by the burst of colors.

Here are my favorite projects Ernest R. Dickerson worked on:

School Daze (1988) - Cinematographer 

Def By Temptation (1990) - Cinematographer 
Last half of the film Lloyd Kaufman finished.

Malcolm X (1991) - Cinematographer 

Juice (1992) - Director
Also co-wrote

Demon Knight (1995) - Director 

Bones (2001) - Director 

Here are movies he worked on that I have not checked out, but hopefully I'll check them out soon! 

Fright House (1989)

Director: Len Anthony
Cinematographer: Ernest R. Dickerson

Synopsis: Two stories about witches getting ready to meet with the Devil, and a schoolteacher who never ages.

Enemy Territory (1987)

Director: Peter Manoogian
Cinematographer: Ernest R. Dickerson

Synopsis: Set in an urban highrise tenement building, two unsuspecting visitors become prey to the ensuing violence and terror inflicted on its residents. Caught after dark in an area controlled by a bloodthirsty gang, the two men's only chance for survival is to stick together.

Desiree (1984)

Director: Felix de Rooy
Cinematographer: Ernest R. Dickerson

Synopsis: Set in Brooklyn, New York this Dutch film is based on a true story that appeared in a New York newspaper in 1980. Desirée lives in the past and has difficult relationships with people in her current life. Rejected by all because of her pregnancy, Desirée blames her child as the source of evil. She is then possessed by evil and wants to exorcise it. The only way is to get rid of her daughter...  

What are some of your favorite Ernest R. Dickerson films? 

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