Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Queen Goes International: HAUNTED

This week we're traveling to Norway to learn more about Hjemsøkt a.k.a. Haunted!

Queen Goes International is a segment where I share horror films or series that I'm keeping a look out for. Whether its cinema these spicy brown eyes have seen before, or cinema you and I must see before our dirt naps, I will express my God-given right to spread the horror love coming from all corners of the Earth. 💚

Based on the trailer is set in the beautiful winter landscape of Norway. It follows a woman named Catherine as she travels back to her old family estate after her father's death. The locals start telling her stories of disappearances and possible murders, she is forced to confront her family's mysterious past.

So, I'm pretty late with this one! I've been searching for this movie for a while but unfortunately I have had no luck in finding it.   I really feel like I need this movie in my eyeballs ASAP.

UPDATE: Thanks to Brandon Fields (in the comments), it's streaming on Amazon and I cannot wait to check it out! 

Synopsis: Catherine inherits her father's old estate and heads up alone. She wants to expedite the sale and leave the past behind, but she can't escape before she has faced the secrets inside. 

Watch the trailer:

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